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Easter Class Timetable

Hannah & Chris are away for a couple of weeks over Easter. Most classes are on as normal, apart from the usual week break for Easter. There are a couple of changes to the timetable so please check through the list for details about your class. Read More…

from Class Information, posted March 2018

Yoga & Herbs : Air (Heart Space Yoga)

Sunday 1st July, 10.00 - 4.00pm with Helena Turner (yoga teacher) & Sarah Golding (herbalist). Exploring the air element, inspiring a quality of growth and expansion so we can move through summer with increased lightness and openness in our being. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2018

R.Y.E. Research on Yoga in Education

Foundation Module starts May 2018. This is a very highly regarded training course for school teachers, trainee teachers, teaching assistants, and special needs teachers; it also open to therapists, parents and Yoga teachers who work with children. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2018

Ajapa Japa : Channelling the Transforming Power of Prana

17th & 18th November, £95.00. Brahmananda is a teacher of great quality. His approach is clear and down to earth; his skill is in bringing light to the more profound and transformative aspects of Yoga. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2018

AcroYoga Workshop!

Sunday 17th June, 10.00 - 1.00pm. Acroyoga combines acrobatics with elements of yoga; it is a sociable and fun way of building strength, flexibility and confidence. This 3 hour workshop will take you through the fundamentals of acroyoga, including flying, basing and spotting. No experience necessary, no partner required. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2018

Maarten Vermaase : 21st April 2018

'Body, Breath & Mind – Preparations for Pranayama and deeper Yoga practice'. Distinguishing Yoga from just exercise. This workshop will be a good preparation for the Pranayama course Maarten is teaching for us in 2019. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2018

Sheffield Yoga School

Our teachers are full-time professional instructors and have been providing Yoga classes in Sheffield since 1995. Sheffield Yoga School was established in 2003.

In 2009 we received authorisation from Swami Niranjanananda to form Sheffield Satyananda Yoga School.

We have a wide range of daytime and evening classes to suit all ages and abilities. We offer general, beginner and intermediate level classes, as well as Yoga for Pregnancy and Mother & Baby Yoga.

We run Sheffield Yoga Days and SYS Courses, bringing the best yoga teachers from the UK and Europe to Sheffield to share their knowledge and inspiration.

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