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Womens Sensual Yoga

with Carly Mountain. Saturday 18th October, 10 - 5pm at Sheffield Yoga School, South Rd. A day long immersion to support women in foraging for increased sensitivity and connection through a sensual yoga practice, poetry and reflective enquiry. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

Finding Peace in Our Times!

An online workshop with Chris Noon & Hannah Penn, Saturday 18th July, 10 - 1pm. When there is turmoil all around us it is not easy to maintain peace within ourselves, but the practice of Yoga is there to help us achieve just that. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

Spacious Compassion

with Nick Edge / Swami Satya Dara. Saturday 10th October, Grenoside Community hall, Sheffield. Our day will include asana, meditation, mantra and yoga nidra (including the sound of the gong!). Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

Breath – Bandha – Asana

with Debbie Farrar. Saturday 21st November, 10.00 - 4.00pm. In this workshop we will explore the core and peripheral bandhas inside out, and outside in. Through intimate self enquiry, we can deepen and refine our awareness of the bandhas to reveal the subtleties of their presence. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

Making Lockdown a Spiritual Experience

An online workshop with Swami Gyan Dharma, Saturday 4th July, 10.00 - 1.00pm. Swami Gyan Dharma is an exceptional teacher; he teaches Yoga as a truly transformational practice. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

The Pancha Koshas – The 5 levels of our Being

Yoga explains the nature of human beings in terms of energy at different levels of subtlety - the Pancha Koshas. It may sound abstract and esoteric, but it is important this concept describes aspects of our being and we CAN experience them! Read More…

from General, posted June 2020

Sheffield Yoga School

Our teachers are full-time professional instructors and have been providing Yoga classes in Sheffield since 1995. Sheffield Yoga School was established in 2003.

We have a wide range of daytime and evening classes to suit all ages and abilities. We offer general, beginner and intermediate level classes, as well as Yoga for Pregnancy and Mother & Baby Yoga.

We run Sheffield Yoga Days and SYS Courses, bringing the best yoga teachers from the UK and Europe to Sheffield to share their knowledge and inspiration.

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