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Essential Somatic Movement

  • with Samantha Holland

  • Sunday 3rd March, 10.00 – 2.00pm, £40.00

  • Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA



Essential Somatic Movement teaches you to feel more at ease in your body – using slow, gentle movements to increase self-awareness, release tension, and ultimately move through life with greater ease, free from pain.

If you experience areas of tension in your body that are hard to let go; if you have muscle or joint pain that you’re told can’t be helped (especially if you’re told ‘it’s your age’); if you want to improve your enjoyment or performance of an activity such as yoga, running, cycling, or just walking the dog, then this workshop is for you!

Recognising that most pain, tension, and stiffness arises initially through natural responses to the inevitable traumas and stresses of life, Essential Somatics works by teaching our brains how to restore sensory and motor function, and to lengthen and ease muscles without stretching or forcing them.

The workshop will outline what Essential Somatic Movement is, allow space for questions, and spend time on slow, conscious movements to explore common areas of muscle tension and pain.

In two movement classes, you will experience directly the possibilities this practice opens up for you to eradicate tightness, tension, and discomfort in your body, and to move more easily, with more awareness, and without pain.

This workshop is limited to 10 people.
Early booking is recommended.


For more information see :


The Teacher

Samantha has practised yoga for 25 years, has a background in philosophy, law, and voluntary work, and is a Clinical Somatic Educator in training with Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics.

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The Magic of Mudras

  • 19th January, 10.00 – 4.00pm, £40.00

  • with Hannah Penn

  • Grenoside Community Hall, S35 8PR


“Mudras are a combination of subtle physical movements which alter mood, attitude and perception and which deepen awareness and concentration”
(from Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha)


One of the ‘magic’ properties of Mudras is that they have such a deep effect so very quickly. This makes them an invaluable tool to help find balance, grounding, peace at any time of the day.

For most of us, our first introduction to mudras is the Hasta Mudras (literally ‘hand gestures’) but in this yoga day we will also explore some of the less familiar mudras, including :

  • Shirsha (head) mudras
  • Bandha (lock) mudras
  • Adhara (perineal) mudras
  • Kaya (body) Mudras

Our morning Asana session will incorporate a number of mudras which enable us to connect to the different Chakras (energy centres). This will involve using the mudras on their own but we will also use mudras in Asana, sometimes in stillness and sometimes within dynamic sequences.

This will be followed by some mudra enhanced Pranayama.

Before lunch we will have a long Yoga Nidra practice to give a bit of space to digest the mornings practice.

In the afternoon we will focus on ‘the power at your fingertips’ – Hasta mudras (hand mudras). We will look at ways we can use Hasta mudras to improve concentration for meditation, as well as some quick mudra practices which can be done anytime.

There will be discussion throughout the day on various theories of how Mudras work.

“Mudras are so valuable because they enhance overall wellbeing and allow you to tap into hidden energy reserves. Absolutely anyone can benefit, from children with learning disabilities to older people with limited movement.”
Swami Saradananda


The Teacher

Hannah Penn is a very experienced Yoga teacher; she has been teaching for over 20 years. This will be an interesting, informative and nurturing day of Yoga.


Venue & details

The workshop is held in Grenoside Community Hall, S35 8PR

The day begins at 10.00am, finishing at 4.00pm.

We have a shared vegetarian buffet for lunch and we ask everyone to bring something along to share for the buffet. If you prefer to bring your own food that is fine as well.

Teas & drinks are provided.

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Principles of Nada Yoga

with Rachael / Shivapriya, Pete & Stratton Barrett

Saturday 2nd February


Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA


Nada Yoga is a fascinating science of Yoga where we utilize the naturally harmonizing effects of sound and music for a meditative purpose.

The use of sound has always been central to Yoga practice; over the last few years its potential has become more widely recognised in the West.

Working with sound can be a powerful therapeutic tool, it is particularly useful in the management of anxiety. Sound has a unique capacity to focus the mind and develop ‘one-pointedness’ of mind.


This workshop will consist of:

  • A theoretical and practical exploration of the Principles of Nada Yoga
  • Connecting the Voice & Body in Asana Practice
  • Working with the Beeja Mantras
  • Finding Your Rhythm!
  • Mantra and Bhajans


The Teachers

Rachael Shivapriya is a Yoga teacher and kirtanist.

Pete and Stratton are professional musicians and Kirtan hosts. Pete has been teaching Nada Yoga for over a decade and runs retreats in Wales & Portugal.

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Teaching Yoga & the Body’s Intelligence

Asana Training Course for Yoga Teachers (Second course)

with Lesley Dike

Feb – May 2020

at Sheffield Yoga School, South Rd, S6 3TA


NOTE : The 2019 / 2020 course is now FULL, so we have decided to run it a second time. Early booking recommended.


A new 5 day course for yoga teachers who are open to renewed exploration & self-enquiry, for a better understanding of the practice and teaching of Asana.


About the Course

This course has at its core the belief that yoga should promote healthy movement, based on an understanding of anatomy. This is a highly practical course, aimed at guiding teachers to improve their competence and confidence in teaching movement.
It will give you all-round skills to offer balanced teaching to your students.
The course provides a forum for discussion and reflection, and each participant is expected to play an active role in the learning process.

Places are limited to 15 people allowing for maximum discussion and close supervision.


What will you learn?

The course will teach key principles which underpin the safe and effective teaching of Yoga postures. Main subject areas will be:
• Is what we teach worthwhile?
• Meeting the world through our feet
• Learning from the cat, the dog and the bridge
• What does understanding the spine teach us about movement?
• A cornucopia of teaching skills ie. tricks, prompts, cues.

Who this course is for?

This course is for Yoga teachers & student teachers. It is designed to build on your previous learning base, with challenging new ideas.



The fee for this course is £450.00. To reserve a place, please fill in the booking form overleaf and return it with either the full payment or a deposit of £100.00.

  • Cheques are payable to ‘SYS Courses’
  • Contact us if you prefer to pay by bank transfer.



A certificate of attendance (for CPD points) will be provided for each day of the course. A final course certificate (dependent on at least 80% attendance) will be presented at the end of the course.


Course dates (All Saturdays)

  • Sat 8 Feb 2020
  • Sat 7 Mar
  • Sat 4 Apr
  • Sat 9 May
  • Sat 30 May


Click here for Info & Booking Form

Click here for Course Outline

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The Progressive Stages of Pranayama

8 Day Training Module

with Maarten Vermaase

March – November 2019

at Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA


This course will introduce Pranayama & related practices in a structured progression, enabling students to practise Pranayama safely & under guidance.

It aims to deepen our understanding and experience of the practice of Asana, Pranayama & Meditation and will be mostly practical.

The course is designed for serious, experienced Yoga students who have a thorough grounding in Asana and basic breath work and who wish to commit to regular Pranayama practice.


The Tutor


Maarten Vermaase is a highly respected teacher of Yoga, Pranayama & Meditation.

He studied Hatha Yoga with the late Robert Van Heeckeren, and Tibetan Buddhist Yoga, Meditation and Healing Exercises with Lamas and teachers from the Kagyu and Nyingma traditions of Tibetan Buddhism.

Maarten is a retired DCT for the British Wheel of Yoga specialising in Pranayama and meditation, and has been teaching in Oxford and London since 1979.


Click here for a full Course Outline.


Click here for information & booking form.


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Being Spacious Through Meditation & Mindfulness

Swami Krishnapremananda

Sunday 14th April, 10.00 – 1.00pm, £30.00

Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA

We live in a fast changing, busy and uncertain, world. Searching outside of ourselves in the transient phenomena of daily life for genuine fulfillment and joy often just leads to frustration, restlessness and a sense of something which is ‘missing’.

Yet periodically we can hear or sense an inner calling, which reminds us that our sense of self is innately more spacious; naturally and easefully connected to the Whole of Life around us. This natural spaciousness allows the heart to breathe more easily, and the mind to feel more expansive.

This morning seminar will share simple practices that can expand our inner horizons and put us in touch with deeper levels of our embodied self.

They will be accessible practices, such as meditation, bandha, yoga nidra and asana, that you can continue in your own home and daily life. They are designed to remind us of that inner timeless source which is always present through all the changing vicissitudes of life.

Open to all!


Swami Krishnapremananda

Swami Krishnapremananda is a highly respected Yogi and Yoga teacher. He has been a resident of Mandala Yoga Ashram since 1997, studying, serving and practicing in that uniquely focused yoga environment.

During his years in the ashram, his understanding, practice and teaching have gradually matured, as he has endeavoured to live the understanding of yoga in daily life.

In 2007 he completed a year-long Vedanta training course with Swami Anubhavananda in India. He regularly teaches both in the ashram and in various parts of the country, and he also helps direct the Ashram’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

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