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Birth Preparation Workshop

with Hannah Penn

Sunday 9th April  1.00 – 4.00pm
Cost : £45.00 (per couple)
Sheffield Yoga School, South Rd, S6 3TA

This is a practical workshop for pregnant women and their birth partner.

Includes breathing practices to use during labour which keep you (and your baby!) calm & centered and which help manage discomfort. Also postures for each stage of labour.

We will also look at the physiology of labour and why Yoga helps?

This is an opportunity for your birth partner to learn ways to support you physically and emotionally through all stages of labour.

Hannah Penn is very experienced Yoga for Pregnancy teacher.

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Hebden Bridge Yoga Day : 6th May

Reclaiming Space & Harmony in Modern Life

with Chris Noon

Life in the 21st century does not seem to include much time for quietness and reflection. The pressures of work, family, emails, social media and so on can obscure what is really important and worthwhile.

A full and busy life is a good thing but we must be careful not to lose sight of the harmony which is at the centre of our being – otherwise we will never be contented.

This workshop includes a range of practices we can use to reconnect with the peace, stillness and clarity which is within us.

We will learn simple techniques we can use at any time to find a bit of space in a busy day. If we begin to integrate the tools of Yoga into our daily lives we cultivate a more positive and harmonious relationship with the world we live in.

There will be practices which go deeper and which remind us of our true nature. We will use the Yoga concept of the Koshas (different levels of human experience) as a guide to this journey inwards.

The day includes posture work and breathing techniques (Pranayama) to improve health and well being as well as a range of practices for reconnecting with the harmony which is our nature.

We will learn Shanti Path, an ancient and beautiful mantra from the Upanishads. If we use this mantra with the right intention the barriers we create between ourselves and other people begin to dissolve, and we find harmony in our relationships.

The aim of this day of Yoga is not to create anything new. It is to remind ourselves that the peace, space and harmony which we are searching for is already there within us.


Chris Noon first qualified to teach through the British Wheel of Yoga.

He then completed an Integration Course with Swami Vedantananda Saraswati and now teaches in the Satyananda tradition.

Chris is an experienced teacher and has taught Yoga to a wide range of people; this experience has given him a better understanding of the true potential of Yoga and how it can be used as a practical system to improve every aspect of our lives.


from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2017

Chakra Dance Workshop

Exploring the Chakras through dance, with Hannah Penn


Saturday 17th June,  4.00 – 6.00pm
Cost : £15.00
Venue : Sheffield Yoga School, S6 3TA


A choreographed dance routine inspired by our energy centres / Chakras.

Each piece of music will focus on a different Chakra, its location point and its associated element: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space.

In Mooladhara Chakra we connect with Earth so through dance we can develop Stability and feel Grounded.
In Swadisthana Chakra the dance becomes more flowing, fluid and graceful; we connect with the pleasure of movement.
Manipura Chakra is linked with Fire and the routine become dynamic and strong, including moves inspired by martial arts.
Through Anahata Chakra we connect with Air, exploring turns and spins and our sense of touch, opening the heart space.
In Vishuddhi Chakra we will open upto Sounds, to hear the music afresh and connect with the Space around us and within us.
Ajna Chakra is concentration and awareness – our focus will be on dance & Yoga balances.

The final part of the session is special.
Many of you are familiar with a ‘gong bath’, this workshop will culminate with a ‘harp bath‘!

Ciara Noon will be play some beautiful and haunting tunes on the Clairsach (Celtic Harp) while we lie down, settle into stillness and connect with Bliss.

The dance moves are easy to follow and Hannah will teach a few of them before the routine begins.
No experience of Dance or Yoga is necessary.

Hannah Penn is a highly trained and experienced Yoga teacher. She has a qualification in Nia dance and teaches weekly dance classes at Sheffield Yoga School

from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2017

Stress, Mood & Energy – Yoga and Herbs for Women

Stress, Mood & Energy – Yoga & Herbs for Hormone Balance from Menarche to Menopause & Beyond

with Sarah Golding & Helena Turner


20th May, 10.00 – 1.00pm
Venue : Sheffield Yoga School, South Rd, S6 3TA
Cost : £30.00

This workshop of Yoga and Herbs is designed specifically to support women’s health and vital energy throughout the various stages of our lives.

It shows us how to develop a cyclically responsive yoga practice that promotes vibrant good health.

We will explore postures, breathing practices, relaxation, meditation, mudra & mantra to feel, nurture and build the feminine energy of Shakti, which literally means “who is capable of anything”.

You will receive a short booklet with practical tools from yoga therapy to help you build a program suited to your needs. There will be some discussion around women’s health and we will look at the use of 2 or 3 healing plants to nurture, support and balance us.

Sarah Golding is a nurse and herbalist with 18 years’ experience working in the NHS and alternative health sector. She has a passion for women’s health and how we can use our local plants for optimum health and wellbeing.

Helena Turner is a highly skilled & experienced Yoga teacher. She is also an artist who has specialized in creating beautiful Yantras & Mandalas.

from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2017

Yoga Weekend – February 2018

The Power of Stillness

23rd – 25th February 2018 with Hannah Penn & Chris Noon


“In an age of distraction, nothing can feel more luxurious than paying attention, and in an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still”.                   Pico Iyer


Our annual Yoga weekends at Wortley Hall continue next year with a luxurious opportunity to explore the power of stillness!

As always, this will be a full weekend of Yoga practice including asana / posture work, Pranayama, relaxation, kirtan, meditation and much more.

In the posture work sessions we will use dynamic, flowing sequences to prepare for finding stillness in Yoga asanas.

Pranayama (breathing) practice will lead into Kevala Kumbhaka, effortlessly extending the spaces between the breaths where the body, the breath and the mind come to stillness. In the quietness of these spaces we find deeper aspects of ourselves, reconnecting with the profound peace which is within us.

Our main meditation practice will be Kaya Sthairyam (literally ‘body stillness’) and we will progress through stages of this wonderful techniqueover the course of the weekend. We will also work through practices from Vijnana Bhairava Tantra, the techniques from this ancient text are simple, practical and as relevant & useful today as they were centuries ago.

As usual there will be time for other Yoga practices, including Mudra, Mantra, Kirtan and, of course, the blissful stillness of Yoga Nidra!

Hannah Penn & Chris Noon both trained initially with the British Wheel of Yoga before qualifying as Satyananda Yoga teachers in 2007. Together they run Sheffield Yoga School, providing a wide range of Yoga classes, workshops, weekends and courses.

The weekend is held in Wortley Hall; with it’s beautiful gardens, comfortable rooms and delicious vegetarian food Wortley Hall has proven to be a perfect location for a weekend Yoga retreat.


from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2017

First Aid Training for Yoga Teachers : 8th October


The next First Aid Training for Yoga teachers is on Saturday 7th October 2017.

Participants will receive an Emergency First Aid Manual and a First Aid Certificate valid for 3 years.

The training will be led by Gilly Loukes who is the British Wheel of Yoga First Aid Officer for Yorkshire & Humberside.

The day will cover all aspects of First Aid but will be of particular relevance to Yoga teachers.

The training will be 10.00am – 5.00pm and the venue is Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA.

The fee for the day is £65.00.

Places are limited to 12 participants and early booking is recommended.

We will be running this first aid training day in October every year so you can be sure to keep your First Aid Certificate up to date.

from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2017

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