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Womens Sensual Yoga

with Carly Mountain
Sunday 18th October, 10.00 – 5.00pm
Sheffield Yoga School, South Rd, S6 3TP

A day long immersion to support women in foraging for increased sensitivity and connection through a sensual yoga practice, poetry and reflective enquiry.

This is your invitation to enter a women’s circle that can hold, honest, vulnerable, courageous expression and enquiry around female sensual expression.

We will begin the day with a guided sensual yoga practice, followed by a mixture of reflective practice, movement, poetry, and information on ways to liberate our senses and natural abundant expression and why this is important for women.

If you are longing for deeper intimacy with yourself and inspiration for a less linear, more sensual and delicious way of practicing yoga then join me.

Suitable for all women at all stages of life. However, if you are pregnant or have acute injuries or health issues please contact Carly before the class to make sure it is suitable for you.


How to Book

Places are limited for this workshop and early booking is recommended.

Click on the button, see ‘Events’ and book your place.

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“Carly’s Sensual Yoga course is full of body-mind wisdom. It nourished my inner feminine goddess and awakened energy that had stagnated. It unfolds at a gentle pace, always mindful of different women’s needs…Inspirational, healing, rejuvinating.”     Heather previous course participant

For those interested in the Butterfly School this is a great opportunity to experience the way that Carly holds space and get a flavour of the Butterfly work.

You can find out more about Carly and Butterfly at

About Carly

Carly Mountain is a teacher and writer.

She works with poetry, yoga, movement, breath work and voice as transformational practice that can liberate us in ways we never anticipated.

She is the creatrix of the Butterfly School which supports women’s in depth self-enquiry and unfolding. She lives in Sheffield with her husband and two daughters.


from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

Finding Peace in Our Times!

Online workshop
with Chris Noon & Hannah Penn
Saturday 18th July, 10.00 – 1.00pm
£25 / £15


“There is no peace in the Himalayas, and there is no noise in the world; everything is within you. If you are at
peace with yourself, you can find peace anywhere in the world, and if you are not at peace with yourself, you
will never find peace in isolation in the mountains.”     Swami Niranjanananda

These words seem very relevant nowadays. Even before the pandemic the world was hardly a peaceful place to be.

When there is turmoil and upheaval all around us it is not easy to maintain peace within ourselves, but the practice of Yoga is there to help us achieve just that. Equally important, if we can find a degree of peace and clarity in our own lives we can help promote peace and clarity further afield.


In our practice during this workshop we will explore the space we can experience in our body, in our breath and in our mind through the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation.

There will be Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) to calm and pacify body & mind.

We will look at Mudras that can change the way we feel quickly and efficiently; mudras that help regain equanimity and mudras that reconnect us with the heart space where there is no fear.


“For removal of the obstacles (to Yoga) the practice of concentration on one principle (or one practice) should be done”

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Book 1 Verse 32


If you want to find water, dig one hole deep!

Central to this workshop will be suggestions for practices that we can work with and develop over a sustained period of time. There are so many lovely practices we can do in Yoga and the temptation is often to go from one to another … to another … and never really get to grips with any of them.

Patanjali tells us that the way to make progress is to choose a practice and to stick with it. It could be a Pranayama practice, it could be meditation, even an asana practice.

In these difficult times it can be very useful to focus on one practice and to delve deep into it, to stay with it, to keep returning to it. In this way our practice can become a thread, something constant, that stays with us through even the most difficult times.

This session will include suggestions for how we might approach this idea and practices we might consider working with.

from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

Spacious Compassion

with Swami Satya Daya (Nick Edge)
Saturday 10th October, 10.00 – 4.00pm
Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield
S35 £40.00


We all wish to feel balanced and centred in our lives. Often though we find that we can use our practice as way to avoid the difficult aspects of our lives, or that we become so caught up in our dramas, both internal and external, that we can’t find any peace or stillness.

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from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

Breath – Bandha – Asana

with Debbie Farrar
Saturday 21st November, 10.00 – 4.00pm
Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield S35

In this workshop we will explore the core and peripheral bandhas inside out, and outside in.

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from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

Making Lockdown a Spiritual Experience

with Swami Gyan Dharma
Saturday 4th July, 10.00 – 1.00pm
£25 / £15


“Making your present experience, thoughts and feelings a doorway to the present moment.”

We are very pleased to welcome Swami Gyan Dharma to teach our next online workshop!

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from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2020

The Pancha Koshas – The 5 levels of our Being


Yoga explains the nature of human beings in terms of energy at different levels if subtlety. These 5 levels are called the Pancha Koshas.

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