Yoga for Pregnancy


Why practice Yoga for Pregnancy?

Yoga for Pregnancy helps you and your baby through the changes and demands of pregnancy, labour and birth.

Pregnancy Yoga Sheffield


Yoga for Pregnancy enriches your experience of pregnancy.

The benefits are felt not just by you and your baby, but by your nearest and dearest as well.



  • Yoga is safe, effective exercise which helps keep the body healthy and strong, preparing for labour and for your new life after the birth.
  • Yoga Postures help manage the physical discomfort often associated with pregnancy.
  • Yoga Breathing techniques maintain energy levels and are extremely helpful during labour.
  • Relaxation helps you deal with any stress and tiredness you may experience during pregnancy or during the early months of motherhood.

Preparing for Labour

In our classes you will learn a range of Yoga practices for use during labour including simple, effective breathing techniques which relieve anxiety and encourage the release of endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers).

Yoga is safe and natural!
It works with your body to help labour go more smoothly.

Online Resources

We will provide you with access to online resources which you can use at home.

This includes recorded Pregnancy Yoga classes, relaxation and breathing techniques all of which you can work with and practice in the comfort of your own home!

Times & Locations

Classes are followed by tea and biscuits and a chance to chat to other pregnant women in the group.


Pregnancy Yoga class sheffield

When to start Yoga for Pregnancy?

It is recommended to wait until your pregnancy is firmly established before starting yoga for pregnancy.

You can join Yoga for Pregnancy classes any time after 14 weeks. No experience is necessary.

How much do classes cost?

Our Yoga for Pregnancy classes cost £10.00 each if you pay for them one at a time, or £8.00 each if you buy a 5 class pass.

The 5 class pass is valid for 12 weeks after the date of purchase.

How do I book a class?

Pregnancy Yoga sheffield

To book a class please use the schedule below. It’s simple and secure, just fill in your name, email address and payment details and that’s it.

You can either pay for a single class, or click on PASSES to buy a 5 class pass.




What to bring? What to wear?

  • Mats and blocks are provided.
  • Bring a blanket and a cushion for relaxation.
  • Wear warm, loose and comfortable clothing.
  • Please complete our Yoga for Pregnancy Health Questionnaire and bring it with you to the first class.

Pregnancy Yoga Guidelines

Our Pregnancy Yoga classes provide a range of safe and effective movements, postures, breathing practices, relaxation and more. Hannah is a very experienced Pregnancy Yoga teacher and can advise you if you have any specific questions or concerns.

Please read these general guidelines to bear in mind when you practice Yoga during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Yoga Guidelines 


About Hannah

Hannah Penn has been teaching Yoga for Pregnancy classes since 2003.

She is qualified through the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and has completed the BWY ‘Yoga for Pregnancy’ Module, a post-graduate qualification involving specialist training in teaching Yoga to pregnant women.

Hannah is an experienced, professional instructor and has been teaching yoga full time since 1995.

She has two children.





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