Mother & Baby Yoga

Postnatal yoga strengthens and revitalizes your body after giving birth.

Mother & Baby Yoga is great for babies as well. It combines gentle stretches with nursery rhymes and gives mums guidance in ‘relaxed holding’, which helps to soothe babies.

The class is friendly and informal and your baby’s needs (feeding, changing, sleeping etc) always come first. The aim is to do what you can whilst having fun with your baby!


Mother & Baby Yoga is a great opportunity for you to keep in touch with other mums and for your baby to make their first friends.

There is always time at the end for tea and biscuits.

Baby Yoga!


What does Mother & Baby Yoga involve?

Yoga Postures

All the yoga postures are adapted so that you can do them with your baby.

We take care of the spine and shoulders to help cope with the physical demands of feeding and carrying a baby.

Specific postures are used to restore the strength of the abdominal muscles and pelvic floor which can be weak after pregnancy and childbirth.

Breathing exercises

The first few months after child birth are sometimes difficult and the right breathing techniques can really help.

You will learn breathing techniques to help you and your baby relax during feeding.

We teach breathing exercises which tone core abdominal muscles.

Mother & baby Yoga


Relaxation techniques help you cope with less sleep. You will learn straight forward, effective relaxation techniques to use at home.

Hannah is a highly trained and experienced Yoga teacher; she is qualified to teach Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a unique and powerful form of deep relaxation.

For your baby

We teach gentle stretches for babies which are soothing and calming.

There are Yoga postures which can be very effective in dealing with colic.

Exercises in the class are combined with nursery rhymes for mental as well as physical development and for fun! Babies have a great sense of humour and love the combination of movement and songs.

We teach Relaxed holding. This is great for soothing a crying baby. It is a simple technique but it works like magic!

Postnatal Yoga

When to start Postnatal Yoga?

You can start Mother & baby Yoga any time after your 6 week check up.

Times & Locations


Post Natal Yoga

About the teacher

Hannah trained to teach postnatal yoga with Francoise Freedman, who established Birthlight.

Hannah is a full time professional Yoga Teacher and has been teaching since 1995. She is qualified by the British Wheel of Yoga and also by Satyananda Yoga UK.



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