Sheffield Yoga School

South Road, Walkley, Sheffield. S6 3TA

Sheffield Yoga School is a Yoga Centre in the heart of Walkley. It is located in one of Sheffield’s beautiful old school buildings on the corner of South Road and Fir Street.


The Yoga Centre is in an old school building which is now Sheffield Spiritualist Church. We have the left side of the building as you look at it from South Road.

Sheffield Yoga School Entrance



South Road is the main bus route through Walkley and the entrance to Sheffield Yoga School is through the big shiny door on South Road!




Parking in Walkley is not great but you will find somewhere :

  • South Road : For daytime (9.30am – 4.30pm), evenings (after 6.30pm) and at weekends you can park on South Road.
  • Heavygate Road : A good option is to park on Heavygate Road (see map) and walk down Fir Street to the Yoga Centre. You can access Heavygate Road from Northfield Road (there is no entry for cars on to Heavygate Road from Fir Street).
  • Fir Street : Parking is very limited on Fir Street, particularly at the bottom of the hill. There is often a bit more space at the top of Fir Street.
  • Cundy Street (off South Road) : There is a small public car park on Cundy Street. This usually has spaces in the daytime but is busy in the evenings.

Please park with consideration for our neighbours, particularly if you park on Fir Street.


Walkley is well serviced by the 95 bus.

This bus goes along South Road approximately every 10 minutes.

95 Bus route & timetable.


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