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Joining our classes in September

We have a break in all our classes over August and we start again in September.

We will be re-opening our Yoga Centre in September and we’re looking forward to resuming our group classes. There is of course some uncertainty at the moment, and our plan is to move gradually. It could be some time before our full timetable is up and running.

There will be a few adjustments to take account of social distancing and to make sure we have a safe environment for our Yoga practice. These will all be in place when we re-open.

What we offer

Since lockdown we have been providing a full timetable of online classes, as well as creating an extensive online library of recorded classes, sequences, relaxation, breathing and meditation practices.

These online resources have proven their worth and will be part of our teaching provision from now on.

When you join our school you will be able to attend a weekly group class, have unlimited access to our live stream online classes, as well as unlimited access to an evolving and comprehensive online library.

Our goal has always been to provide the highest quality of Yoga tuition and to support our students in a lifetime of Yoga practice. Yoga Online will be an invaluable addition to what we do.

How to join a class

If you would like to join one of our beginner classes, or any other class, please send us an email and let us know what you are looking for.

We have a break over August but we will get back to you before our classes re-start to confirm your place and to answer any questions you might have. There are more details about all our classes on the website.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Meditations on Breath : 6 week Online Course

Starts Thursday 17th September
with Chris Noon
7.30 – 8.30am
£30 / £20


Awareness of breathing has always been used as a focus of concentration in meditation :

  • The breathing is always there
  • It is always changing
  • It holds the attention of the mind

Awareness of breathing is central to Yoga and meditation. It is a means by which we can attune ourselves to some of less tangible aspects of our being, the subtleties of energy and of mind.


The course

This course will work through a progressive series of dharanas (meditation practices) where the object of meditation is the breath. These are beautiful practices, subtle, gentle and strong.

Sessions will include some posture work and relaxation but the focus of the course is meditation.

Beginners are welcome on this course but if you are new to Yoga and / or meditation please let us know in advance.

Recordings of each class will be provided so that you can do the practices at home and work through them over a longer period of time.


Online Meditation

The sessions will be held online via Zoom.

Zoom is very straight forward to use and is a particularly good medium for meditation practice; all you really need is to be able to hear the verbal instructions – you won’t be peering at the screen during the classes!

Everyone attending is ‘muted’ during the classes and you don’t need to be seen on screen by anyone else.

We will send out more information about using Zoom before the course starts.


Dates, Time & Costs

Sessions are held on Thursday mornings, 7.30 – 8.30am.

The dates are :

  • 17th September
  • 24th September
  • 1st October
  • 8th October
  • 15th October
  • 22nd October

The fee for the 6 week course is £30.00.

If you cannot afford to pay the full fee you can pay a reduced fee of £20.00.


How to book

You can book a place securely through our website.

Click on the button below, see ‘Courses’ and book your place.

Make a Booking


Tutor : Chris Noon

Chris has been teaching Yoga and Meditation for 20 years. He qualified initially with the British Wheel of Yoga and then with the Bihar School of Yoga. The Bihar School of Yoga is primarily known for the quality of the meditation practices it provides.

He teaches Yoga and Meditation in a way that is accessible and practical, so that we can integrate what we learn in our practice into our daily lives.

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Re-opening our Yoga centre!

Nothing is certain at the moment … ! That said, we aim to reopen our Yoga centre for classes in September.

We have been teaching a full timetable of classes online since lockdown began and these have gone well. The way we teach and practice in this system of Yoga has transferred quite seamlessly to the online format and overall it has been a positive experience for many of us.

However, we are very much looking forward to getting back to classes in a room with other human beings!

Read more…

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Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga – 5 week course

Our Pregnancy Yoga classes are currently running online.

Hannah is a very experienced teacher (she’s been teaching Yoga for over 25 years!) and she has been able to adapt the classes to the online format very well.

The next series of Pregnancy Yoga classes will run as a 5 week course.

Each session will have its own theme, and the subjects covered during the course include :

  • Birth Preparation
  • Lower back care
  • Maintaining Strength
  • Emotional balance
  • Relaxation
  • Looking after the pelvis & pelvic floor

The course is suitable for women at all stages of pregnancy from 14 weeks onwards.


These classes are held on Zoom. If you have never used Zoom before it is very straight forward and user friendly. If you have any questions about it please let us know.


Day & Time

The course will run on Tuesday evenings, 7.00 – 8.15pm.

The first session is Tuesday 9th June.


How do I book?

To book your place, click on the button below, then see ‘Courses’ and book your place.

Once you have booked you will receive an email with a link and a password for the course.

Book your place


About Hannah

Hannah Penn has been teaching Yoga for Pregnancy classes since 2003.

She is qualified through the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY) and has completed the BWY ‘Yoga for Pregnancy’ Module, a post-graduate qualification involving specialist training in teaching Yoga to pregnant women.

Hannah is an experienced, professional instructor and has been teaching yoga full time since 1995.

She has two children.




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Online Meditation Course

Antar Mouna : Inner Silence

This 5 week course is a progressive exploration of the meditation practice Antar Mouna (literally Inner Silence).

The focus of Antar Mouna is the mind itself. In the early stages we concentrate on sense experiences, the sense of touch and hearing in particular, but gradually we begin to pay more attention to the activity of the mind.

In some ways Antar Mouna is the original mindfulness practice.

Read more…

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Free Yoga!

Our Yoga Online! subscription service is an evolving library of resources you can use to sustain a life time of Yoga practice … we’ll that’s the plan and it’s coming along very nicely.

We already have a wide range of classes, practices, sequences and other resources on the website and we have a lot more to come.

Hannah and Chris have been teaching Yoga for 25 and 20 years respectively and over that time have worked consistently with some of the best Yoga teachers in the world. They have a lot to pass on and Yoga Online! is a great platform for sharing what they’ve learned.

There is more information about the subscription service here, but if you want to try some of it for free just click on the button below :

Free Yoga!


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