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Sheffield Yoga Day : 17th January

An exploration of AUM with Rebecca Allen (Rambha). AUM is the Universal Mantra. It can act as a bridge between our limited existence and the unlimited. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted December 2014

New Beginner Yoga Class

New Beginner Class! Starts 22nd January 2015

Thursdays : 7.45 - 9.15pm in Walkley. This new class is a great opportunity to learn Yoga properly, right from the start. Includes posture work, breathing practice & relaxation. Read More…

from Class Information, posted November 2014

feature - Lunchtime class

Class Information for December

Evening Classes run as normal through December. There are some alterations to the daytime schedule. Full details are given here. Read More…

from Class Information, posted November 2014


Sheffield Yoga Day, 6th December

A Day of Yin Yoga. Yin yoga is a quiet floor based practice which helps stimulates the energy meridian channels within the body. Read More…

from Yoga Days Info, posted November 2014


Mindfulness Practice – Awareness of Emotions

Seeing our emotional patterns in life is key to understanding ourselves, but it is difficult. We have to start simply. Read More…

from Mindfulness Techniques, posted November 2014


Quotation : Simple Living

“When you expose yourself to Yoga, you learn how to be simple in every aspect of your lifestyle and being. When there is simplicity there is relaxation, where there is complication there is tension......" Read More…

from Quotes, posted November 2014

Sheffield Yoga School

Our teachers are full-time professional instructors and have been providing Yoga classes in Sheffield since 1995. Sheffield Yoga School was established in 2003.

In 2009 we were pleased and honoured to receive authorisation from Swami Niranjanananda to form Sheffield Satyananda Yoga School.

We have a wide range of daytime and evening classes to suit all ages and abilities. We offer general, beginner and intermediate level classes, as well as Yoga for Pregnancy and Mother & Baby Yoga.

We run Sheffield Yoga Days and SYS Courses, bringing the best yoga teachers from the UK and Europe to Sheffield to share their knowledge and inspiration.

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