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Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to getting back to our Yoga classes, all of which start again Monday 6th January.

We have a new class starting soon, a Yoga & Meditation course with Chris, some great workshops with top UK teachers … and a favour to ask!


New class … New teacher!                   

  • Mondays 7.45 – 9.15pm
  • Yoga for All with Laura Stanley
  • Starts : Monday 20th January


We are very pleased to welcome Laura Stanley as a new teacher to Sheffield Yoga School. Laura has been attending our classes for many years and it’s been great to see her qualify as a Yoga teacher.

The new class starts Monday 20th January. It’s a Yoga for All class, so beginners are welcome.

We have spaces available in a few of our classes, for beginners but also for more experienced people.
If you know anyone who might want to try a class with us please ask them to get in touch.


Can you review Sheffield Yoga School?



Top quality teaching is as important to us now as it ever was.

We provide a range of classes, workshops & courses for the general Yoga public and training modules for Yoga teachers in this region. In order to keep doing what we do we need to maintain our profile in what is now a very busy Yoga community.

A big help in spreading the word is to review us on Google, Facebook etc.
If you have a spare two minutes to give a heartfelt and glowing review to Sheffield Yoga School we’d be very grateful!

Click here to leave a Google review.
Click here for directions on how to leave a Facebook review.


Early Morning Yoga & Meditation Course Yoga Meditation class sheffield

  • Starts 23rd January
  • Thursdays 7.15 – 8.15am
  • with Chris Noon
  • 7 weeks / £45.00


Sessions include posture work, breathing and relaxation but the focus is on meditation.

These classes are a great start to the day. The combination of Yoga & meditation enables the release of tension in body & mind promoting calm, clarity and vitality.

Click here for details and to book a place.


Sheffield Yoga Days :

Workshops with top teachers from all over the UK


We’ve been running Sheffield Yoga Days since 2002.

These workshops are open to everyone; they provide an opportunity to work with some of the very best teachers in the UK.

Chris is getting us started on the 18th January with Yoga Now! This Body, This Breath, This Moment, a day of lovely Yoga practices placed in the context of one of the best known Yoga texts ‘The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali’.

In March we welcome a very highly regarded teacher called Ranju Roy for his first visit to Sheffield.
Regular and much loved guest teachers Brahmananda and Philip Xerri are coming soon!


Sankalpa :

Sowing the Seed of Change


Sankalpa is not a new year resolution but it can be a really useful and effective tool for helping to make change in life.

We use Sankalpa in Yoga Nidra but we can repeat it anytime. The important thing about repeating a Sankalpa is that you just say it – it is not something to mull over, or to judge progress. You just make the statement regularly over time and gradually the change comes.

Click here for directions for making your own Sankalpa.


Coming Soon

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