Beginner Yoga Classes

One of the things which makes Satyananda Yoga special is the systematic approach we take to learning how to practice Yoga.


We teach the beginner syllabus in a modular form. Over about a year you will learn a wide range of Yoga practices, including postures, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation / mindfulness techniques.

Click here for the full list of modules covered in the beginner syllabus.

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Beginner Yoga Classes


The Beginner Yoga Classes include :

Posture Work (Asana)

The first exercises you will learn are simple but effective. They enable you to :

  • Release stiffness and tension from the muscles and joints.
  • Develop strength and flexibility.
  • Develop awareness of your body, how it moves, where it holds tension etc. This preparation is very important before moving on to stronger Yoga postures.
  • Learn to combine breathing and movement. This is essential in Yoga posture work.

Yoga postures improve health and well-being, raise vitality and create a feeling of lightness in the body.

They bring a clarity and balance to the mind which you will experience straight away.

Breathing Practice

Breathing is fundamental to health and well being; it is also fundamental to Yoga practice.

In the beginner class we ensure that your body is breathing correctly,
as well developing your understanding and control of breathing.

Breathing - Pranayama


Once the foundations are in place you will be ready for a range of more advanced breathing techniques which can be used for raising energy levels, for relaxation, for balancing and so on.

These techniques are known collectively as Pranayama.

Relaxation (including Yoga Nidra)

Yoga Nidra is a core practice from Satyananda Yoga; it is an exceptionally effective and beneficial deep relaxation technique.

The benefits of Yoga Nidra go far beyond relaxation. Yoga Nidra creates the conditions in which the underlying causes of stress and tension are released, effortlessly and without conflict.

We also teach a range of simple relaxation techniques which you can learn and use whenever you need them.

Home Practice (Sadhana)

We encourage students to practice regularly at home – ten minutes a day is enough to feel a real difference in your life.

We give illustrated handouts for many of the exercises and techniques we cover in class so that you can learn and practice them at home.



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