Yoga & Herbs : Nourishment through the Water Element

with Helena Turner & Sarah Golding

Sunday 2nd December, 10.00 – 5.00pm, £40.00

Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA


This workshop concludes the Yoga & Herbs series, working with the 4 elements; earth, fire, air and water.

Within the Water element is the principle of cohesion. In the body, this manifests as nourishment, growth, and lubrication.

Water has a cooling calming influence and is connected to Swadisthana Chakra – one’s own abode. Swadisthana is concerned with enjoyment, fulfilling our need to be creative and to be able to go with the flow.

As we approach the festive season, although it’s a time of joy, it can also be incredibly challenging. It feels like a busy time of year & you can find yourself pulled in many directions trying to keep lots of different people happy with a never ending to do list.

Constantly being a human ‘doing’ as opposed to a human ‘being’ is not sustainable – we need to prioritise our health, our rest, our self-care.

This workshop aims to nourish us on all levels -physical, mental and emotional.

Using the water element as our focus we will be working with delicious herbal teas and remedies; excite the taste buds with nutritious energy balls and nourish the body with a gentle hatha flowing practice, we will learn strategies for ‘on the spot calm’ and experience the deeply restorative practice of yoga nidra, with lavender eye pillows .

From a Herbal perspective, Water is connected to the emotions so we will be looking at herbal remedies that nourish and calm the nervous system and balance our mood.

We will also look at dry and damp conditions that affect us in our bodies and herbs that can help to balance these type of conditions. We will discuss preparations made solely with water and herbs, such as teas, decoctions, baths, spritzers; and you will make a preparation to take home with you.

The Yoga & Herbs workshops stand alone; you do not need to have attended any others in the series to benefit from this one.


The teachers : Helena Turner & Sarah Golding

Helena is a highly trained & experienced Yoga teacher and Sarah is an equally highly trained & experienced medical herbalist!

The combination of Yoga practice with the proper use of herbs is designed to provide a very foundation for optimum health and well being.

from Yoga Days Info, posted August 2018


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