Hebden Bridge Yoga Day : 6th May

Reclaiming Space & Harmony in Modern Life

with Chris Noon

Life in the 21st century does not seem to include much time for quietness and reflection. The pressures of work, family, emails, social media and so on can obscure what is really important and worthwhile.

A full and busy life is a good thing but we must be careful not to lose sight of the harmony which is at the centre of our being – otherwise we will never be contented.

This workshop includes a range of practices we can use to reconnect with the peace, stillness and clarity which is within us.

We will learn simple techniques we can use at any time to find a bit of space in a busy day. If we begin to integrate the tools of Yoga into our daily lives we cultivate a more positive and harmonious relationship with the world we live in.

There will be practices which go deeper and which remind us of our true nature. We will use the Yoga concept of the Koshas (different levels of human experience) as a guide to this journey inwards.

The day includes posture work and breathing techniques (Pranayama) to improve health and well being as well as a range of practices for reconnecting with the harmony which is our nature.

We will learn Shanti Path, an ancient and beautiful mantra from the Upanishads. If we use this mantra with the right intention the barriers we create between ourselves and other people begin to dissolve, and we find harmony in our relationships.

The aim of this day of Yoga is not to create anything new. It is to remind ourselves that the peace, space and harmony which we are searching for is already there within us.


Chris Noon first qualified to teach through the British Wheel of Yoga.

He then completed an Integration Course with Swami Vedantananda Saraswati and now teaches in the Satyananda tradition.

Chris is an experienced teacher and has taught Yoga to a wide range of people; this experience has given him a better understanding of the true potential of Yoga and how it can be used as a practical system to improve every aspect of our lives.


from Yoga Days Info, posted January 2017


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