Maarten Vermaase : 21st April 2018

‘Body, Breath & Mind – Preparations for Pranayama and deeper Yoga practice’

If you are doing Yoga you are not doing Yoga!
Distinguishing Yoga from just exercise.


NB  Participants should be experienced Yoga practitioners, with a good grounding in Asana and breath work. This day will be especially useful as preparation for the Pranayama course Maarten will teach for Sheffield Yoga School in 2019.


What makes Yoga into Yoga? In one word, mindfulness.

The Buddhist definition of mindfulness is ‘to remember the instructions’. The practice of Yoga involves ‘mind instructions’ for both ‘on the mat’ and ‘off the mat’ situations, so that we can become 24/7 practitioners.

A Buddhist text says: ‘accomplishment is the result of knowing the practices’, and ‘may my mind follow Yoga, and may my Yoga follow the Path’. How can we ensure that our practice of Yoga takes us in the right direction?

During this day we will examine the stages of Hatha Yoga as presented in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. We will learn ‘mind instructions’ to help us with our practical Yoga, Asana, Pranayama, Mudra and meditation, and our daily life.


The teacher :

Dutch born Maarten Vermaase is a retired Diploma Course Tutor for the British Wheel of Yoga who has practised and studied Yoga since the early 1970’s.

He studied Hatha Yoga primarily under Robert Van Heeckeren, and Tibetan Buddhist meditation, Yoga and Healing Exercises with numerous Lamas and teachers from the Kagyu, Gelug and Nyingma traditions.

Maarten teaches extensively in Oxford and London, and runs regular workshops, retreats and BWY Meditation Modules for groups nationwide. He started the Mahasiddha Yoga Group in 1999 at the suggestion of his teacher, Kenchen Thrangu Rinpoche.


Timetable for this workshop :


10.30 am

Introduction of course material

Discussion: what is Yoga and why do it? Jataka story…..

Introduce concepts: ‘Three Trainings’ – three areas of practice

Internal and external and conditions:  appreciating lineage, motivation and circumstances

Hatha Yoga principles: energy, breath, mind – how the mind relates to breath


11.30 am

Practical : Yoga asana sequence –‘being in the body’

Working with the breath: breath release, ‘natural breath’ awareness,  Akasha Pranayama

Meditation: with Ajapa. How to prolong a meditation session, walking meditation.


1.15 pm                 Lunch


2.00 pm

Discussion: Yama and Niyama, the importance of conduct

Introduce concepts: Klesha and Kriya, the practice of purification


2.45 pm

Practical: Purification breathing and visualisation – a version of Nadi Sodhana


3.00 pm

Practical: Yoga asana sequence, preparing for the inner Yogas, ‘the Yoga of no body’,

Working with the breath: using the breath as support

Meditation: ‘let the mind rest naturally’, a glimmer of Samadhi


4.30 pm

Finish and dedication


Participants are advised to take notes!!!

Bring copy of Hatha Yoga Pradipika if you have one.


from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2018


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