Fire and Light

A workshop of Yoga & Herbs

Saturday November 4th,   10.00 – 4.00pm

Venue : Sheffield Yoga School, South Rd, S6 3TA

Cost : £40.00 (Places are limited, early booking recommended)


This day will combine yoga practice and medicinal herbs to explore what fire and light means to us as individuals during the darker and colder winter months.

We will use empowering yogic practices to ignite the Fire Element (Agni); this refers to the internal warmth and heat that is generated in certain postures and breathing techniques. It provides the energy and “will” to go on even when we want to quit. Working with this element in our practice is particularly useful over these colder months as it will generate heat, power and strengthen resolve.

We will look at using herbs which help to support our inner fire and keep our moods lighter.

The aim of this day is to be uplifting, informative and full of inspiration to aid us through the darker days and keep our mood light, whilst also acknowledging that the winter months are a time for rest and recuperation when the time in our busy lives allows that.

We will finish with nourishing Yoga Nidra and Gayatri Havan. A havan is a simple Fire ceremony which connects us to our inner source of light and wisdom, combining Fire, mantra and the offering of herbs to symbolically help us let go of things we no longer need.

This workshop is open to all regardless of previous yoga practice or knowledge of herbs.
It will be the first in a series of yoga and herbs workshops which will explore the elements in relation to the seasons, helping us to adapt to change and to the ups and down of life.

The teachers :

Sarah Golding is a nurse and herbalist with 18 years’ experience working in the NHS and alternative health sector. She has a passion for exploring ways in which we can use our local plants for optimum health and wellbeing.

Helena Turner is a highly skilled & experienced Yoga teacher. She is also an artist who has specialized in creating beautiful Yantras & Mandalas.

from Yoga Days Info, posted September 2017


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