19th May : Yoga Flows for Body, Breath & Just Being

with Chris Noon

Grenoside Community Hall,  S35 8PR

Cost £35



‘Yoga Flow’ is generally associated with a flow of movement from one Yoga posture to another. This day will certainly include flows of movement, pausing at times to be and to breathe in one asana or another; but the main aim of the day will be to create a flow of awareness through the our practice.

In the posture work we will look at sequences where one asana (posture) can move into another, and then another.

When we come to breathing / Pranayama we will practice in a way that enables the breath to flow, without strain or struggle, in whichever technique we are using.

When we struggle with our breathing we are no longer practicing Pranayama. When the breath flows in Pranayama it becomes truly an energy practice and that is when the benefit of Pranayama for body & mind becomes apparent.


In meditation we aim to create an unbroken flow of concentration. This takes time and a whole lot of practice, but we can help ourselves by creating the optimal conditions for meditation. Preparing the ground for meditation will be integral to this day of Yoga practice.


Some of the benefits of Yoga are obvious – we feel better (usually!) after our practice, we move more freely, we relax. But equally there are profound benefits from Yoga which develop so gradually that we barely notice them.

This workshop will be a balanced Yoga practice; a balanced Yoga practice creates harmony within us. We learn to let go, we become stronger and more resilient. Over time we begin to appreciate more fully the wonder and the flow of life – this is Yoga.


The teacher

Chris Noon has been practicing and teaching Yoga for a long time. He qualified initially with the British Wheel of Yoga and later in Satyananda Yoga. He has been very fortunate to work with an array wonderful and inspiring teachers over many years and counts his blessings!

from Yoga Days Info, posted May 2018


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