NEW Early morning classes with Rachael Smith

  • Wednesdays 7.00 – 8.00am : Unravel Vinyasa

  • Fridays 7.00 – 8.00am : Yin Yoga


Unravel Vinyasa

Linger and enjoy seamless and flowing movements as they build into creative sequences that will unravel both body and mind in this vinyasa yoga class. You’ll be encouraged to move beyond traditional yoga poses playing with fluidity, increasing flexibility and learning deeper, stronger and more challenging positions and transitions over time. As you learn to move in new ways with confidence, arm balances, headstands and deep heart opening backbends will become a regular part of your flow. Movement will become the gateway into the stillness of your mind as you move beyond the boundaries of your mat, letting go of all attachment and finding peace within your own rhythm and expression. Combine creative movement with mudra’s (hand gestures), prananyama (breathwork) and sound before sinking into the deepest of savasanas (relaxation) at the end.


Yin Yoga

Starts Friday 1st June

Linger in a practice that encourages you to develop your meditative practice whilst spending a longer length of time exploring seated postures. Learn how to cultivate a playful approach to stillness whilst holding the deepest of stretches for anywhere between 3 to 10 minutes. Overtime you’ll develop the skills needed to sit peacefully with a practice that at times may challenge you mentally. These skills then translate into the day to day helping you to approach the challenges of life in a more peaceful way. Sequences will be crafted to work beneficially into meridian energy channels with the aim of optimising your wellbeing. This class is suitable for all levels.


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