Yoga & Herbs – EARTH

Sunday 4th February,   10.00 – 4.00pm      £40.00

with Helena Turner and Sarah Golding

Venue : Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA


The earth element is our foundation and support in all that we do. As we settle into another year we can look to the Earth element for renewed energy and focus to take us forward into spring.

Rejuvenation depends on being grounded and linked to the healing forces of the earth, its rocks, minerals, woods, flowers, herbs and foods.

This workshop aims to restore and infuse our personal connection to the earth. We will look at how Yoga asana was traditionally a way of making sacred our connection to the earth and linking us to the ground as our foundation. Our asana practice will emphasize this earth connection and strengthen it with mantras.

We will also focus on the energies and symbolism of the elephant deity Ganesha (said to reside at Muladhara the root chakra), using this to find the strength and grounding we need to adapt to the obstacles of life.

The day will include pranayama, mudras, meditation and some simple Thai Yoga Massage techniques to reawaken our boundless energy and help invoke foundations for positive living.


In Spring the plants and trees are beginning to wake up and so we will be looking at which medicinal plants are useful to us at this time of year, seeking to help balance the earth element in our bodies through the change from winter to spring.

This will mean different things to different people and our different constitutions; we will look into ayurvedic and traditional western herbal traditions as a way of exploring and understanding this.

A gorgeous herbal tea tasting ceremony will take place as in previous sessions.


The teachers : Helena Turner & Sarah Golding

Helena is a highly trained & experienced Yoga teacher and Sarah is an equally highly trained & experienced medical herbalist!

The combination of Yoga practice with the proper use of herbs is designed to provide a very foundation for optimum health and well being.


from Yoga Days Info, posted October 2017


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