Introduction to AcroYoga

11th February, 10.00 – 1.00pm

Sheffield Yoga School, S6 3TA



Introduction to Acroyoga


This 3 hour workshop will take you through the fundamentals of acroyoga, including ‘flying’, ‘basing’ and ‘spotting’.
No experience is necessary.

One aim of the workshop is to get people moving in unusual and interesting ways, providing both a mental and physical challenge.

Acroyoga combines acrobatics with elements of yoga. It is a sociable and fun way of building strength, flexibility and confidence.

One of the main aims of Acroyoga is to bring people together, forming real human connections and helping the individual to cultivate trust, self awareness and open communication.

In this workshop we move through a series of postures and flows which progress as we go.  You will learn how to safely base, fly and spot for simple acroyoga moves such as front bird, back bird, siting, throne, and stag.


About the Teachers


Base Acroyoga is a Yoga and Acrobatic Partnership formed by Jake and Gemma.

Gemma is a fully qualified Yoga teacher and kids yoga teacher and found her way into acroyoga as an addition to her regular yoga practice. Gemma has a passion for using acroyoga to inspire confidence and encourage people to get active whilst having fun and forming honest human connections.

In addition to teaching acroyoga Jake is a fully qualified osteopath. His knowledge of how the body works makes Jake an exceptional teacher. He encourages individuals to challenge themselves mentally and physically, whilst working with their natural physique.

from Yoga Days Info, posted October 2017


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