Stages of Antar Mouna / Inner Silence

a Yoga & Meditation workshop

with Chris Noon

Saturday 17th March, 10.00 – 1.00pm

Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA



The focus for the session will be the ancient meditation technique of Antar Mouna (literally Inner Silence).

In this practice the focus of meditation is the mind itself, so this is a particularly useful technique if you find it difficult to maintain concentration when you sit down for meditation.
Antar Mouna is the basis of the mindfulness techniques which are widely used nowadays.

As well as being a practical and effective meditation technique Antar Mouna gives us an insight into the way our minds work; it highlights the habits of thought and conditioning which we all have. It creates a bit of space between ourselves and our thoughts so that we can learn to act instead of reacting and to free ourselves from the ups and downs of mood & mind.

The workshop will include Yoga posture work, breathing practice and relaxation, all of which work to create the optimum conditions for Meditation practice.

We will work through some of the stages of Antar Mouna, from quick & simple techniques which can used at pretty much any time of day, through to a longer and deep meditation practice at the end.

The workshop will be of value to people with experience of meditation, but also to people wanting to get started with meditation.

from Yoga Days Info, posted December 2017


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