Healing and Transcending Blockages

Creating a Life of Ease, Peace & Joy


with Craig Eddington (Soul Shine)

25th February 10.00 – 1.00pm

Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA



In this workshop, we will use sound as a personal therapy.

We will explore how we can create a life of ease, peace and joy. A life with less struggle and drama. How we Heal our Soul & Spirit and develop a State of Inner Peace.

There will be a short introduction to the workshop, which will include creating the space for our shared experience. This will incorporate a short group discussion around the themes of the day.

We will be discovering how the drum can be used in different ways. As a tool for grounding, self expression, communication, and as a form of release.

We will be working with the voice as a tool for healing. Exploring how the voice can develop balance and harmony for our physical self as well as mentally and energetically. Conversely the voice is a fantastic tool for self expression and the release of negative energies.

As always, the last session of the day will be a Gong Relaxation to help us integrate what we have experienced throughout the workshop. We will then finish off with the opportunity to share and discuss our experience of the day.
Sound Therapy is not a ‘talking’ therapy and you do not have to share anything with the group unless you are happy to do so.

We will be using a Reflection Model and you will answer questions in your own head to bring about personal insight and awareness.

For this workshop it would be helpful if you could think about something you would like to change about your life, be it a physical condition, an emotion, an attitude, thoughts, a behaviour pattern or something that blocks your ‘flow’ and creativity.

The idea is for this workshop to be a ‘healing journey’.


from Yoga Days Info, posted January 2018


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