Principles of Nada Yoga

with Rachael / Shivapriya, Pete & Stratton Barrett

Saturday 2nd February


Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA


Nada Yoga is a fascinating science of Yoga where we utilize the naturally harmonizing effects of sound and music for a meditative purpose.

The use of sound has always been central to Yoga practice; over the last few years its potential has become more widely recognised in the West.

Working with sound can be a powerful therapeutic tool, it is particularly useful in the management of anxiety. Sound has a unique capacity to focus the mind and develop ‘one-pointedness’ of mind.


This workshop will consist of:

  • A theoretical and practical exploration of the Principles of Nada Yoga
  • Connecting the Voice & Body in Asana Practice
  • Working with the Beeja Mantras
  • Finding Your Rhythm!
  • Mantra and Bhajans


The Teachers

Rachael Shivapriya is a Yoga teacher and kirtanist.

Pete and Stratton are professional musicians and Kirtan hosts. Pete has been teaching Nada Yoga for over a decade and runs retreats in Wales & Portugal.

from Yoga Days Info, posted December 2018


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