Pranayama Teacher Training Module

with Philip Xerri

8th & 9th May 2021

Grenoside Community Centre, Sheffield, S35 8PR

£140.00 (Spaces Limited)


“Pranayama is the core energy that animates our existence. It is also an immensely powerful cosmic force, and it is the breath that is our key to unlocking this potential. Unfortunately, it is because of its inherent power that Pranayama has largely been avoided, especially at the early stage of a student’s experience. However, this ‘power’ is rendered safe if a logical, structured and progressive approach is applied.”
Philip Xerri


Pranayama Teacher Training Module

How to Introduce, Maintain and Develop the teaching of Pranayama in your classes.

For various reasons Pranayama is often squeezed into Yoga classes, or missed out altogether, which is a great loss because Pranayama is at the heart of Yoga practice.

This teacher training module will give you the confidence and skills to teach a structured and progressive approach to Pranayama in your classes. The course covers the teaching of Pranayama from beginner level through to experienced students.

Philip has developed this 2 day course to provide a twofold approach to Pranayama teaching which is suitable for general classes as well as for more experienced students.

What does the Training Include?

  • The course is geared towards integrating Pranayama practice for 10 – 20 minutes of a 90 minute class and will progress through 120 weeks of classes, or approximately three years of teaching.
  • It provides training in the teaching of a structured progression in the practice of Pranayama which moves logically from one step to the next. This approach means that your students can also ‘step back’ if any problems arise.
  • The training includes the teaching of movement / asana sequences which extend the capacity and flexibility of the lungs, and which develop control of the mechanics of breathing.
  • A variety of relaxation techniques based on the breath are covered.
  • The course comes with a bound & illustrated manual covering all the practices. This manual is different to previous manuals both in layout & because it describes the two fold approach which is at the heart of this training module.
  • A certificate will be awarded on completion of the full two days of the course.


Who this course is for?

This course is for Yoga teachers & Student teachers who want to learn to teach a safe, structured and progressive Pranayama practice in their classes.


The Tutor :

Philip Xerri is one of the leading authorities on Pranayama in the UK.

He originally trained with Swami Gitananda in Pondicherry 1981 and has
been teaching Yoga & Pranayama for over 30 years.
Over the years he has established a coherent system of Pranayama practice that is accessible to all.

His teaching is pragmatic and grounded, without ever losing touch of the power and poignancy inherent in the practice.



The fee for this course is £140.00, the deposit is £70.00.

To reserve a place, fill in the booking form and return it with the full payment or a deposit of £70.00.

Places are limited for this course and it is likely to fill up.


from Yoga Days Info, posted February 2020


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