Introduction to Essential Somatics

with Samantha Holland

Sunday 24th June, 10.00 – 1.00pm

Sheffield Yoga School, S6 3TA



Essential Somatics increases our awareness of how we move; it can help us move more easily, lessening pain, stiffness and tension in our bodies.

Grounded in the work of Thomas Hanna, Essential Somatics works not with separated concepts of mind and body, but with the integrated ‘soma’ – with the process of being human, as we continually move in and through space.

Essential Somatics movements help us identify and deal with the postural habits we all develop over time, some of which can cause problems such as muscle pain, joint pain and restrictions in movement.

Recognising that these problems arise initially through natural reflex responses to the inevitable traumas and stresses of life, Essential Somatics works by teaching our brains how to restore sensory and motor functions, and to lengthen and ease muscles without stretching or forcing them.

In this introduction to Essential Somatics we will use slow, attentive, conscious movements, to explore some common areas of tightness and tension in our somas. We will experience some simple somatic movements that can start to bring relief, open up the possibility of eradicating pain and discomfort, moving more easily and with more awareness.


The Teacher : Samantha Holland

Samantha is an Essential Somatics Movement Teacher in training, also training as a Clinical Somatics Educator, both with Martha Peterson.

She’s practised yoga for 20 years, but comes to somatics through her background in philosophy and long term searching to move more comfortably and fluidly – like a cat!

from Yoga Days Info, posted March 2018


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