Hasta Mudras : The Power at your Fingertips!

  • Saturday 21st September, 10.00 – 4.00pm

  • with Hannah Penn

  • Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield, S35

  • £40.00


“Mudras are so valuable because they enhance overall wellbeing and allow you to tap into hidden energy reserves. Absolutely anyone can benefit!”                                          Swami Saradananda

This day will focus on Hasta Mudras (hand gestures). Hasta Mudras can be used to enhance and deepen all aspects of our yoga practice. They are simple techniques with immediate and surprisingly powerful effects.

This is a day to immerse yourself in the magic of Mudras!

Hasta Mudras work on all the Koshas, all levels of our being. They are effective almost instantly and this makes them ideal practices to bring moments of peace into our busy lives.

This day will begin by exploring how Hasta mudras can be used to settle body & mind and prepare us for our yoga practice. We will then incorporate hasta mudras into our asana practices, using them to enhance some flowing sequences but also to deepen our experience of stillness in asana.

Our Pranayama practice will be the Maha Yoga Pranayama (The Great Yogic Breath) which incorporates four hasta mudras with the sounds the make up the mantra OM.

Our hands are very sensitive to feeling vital energy/prana and so our morning practice will finish with Prana Mudra to help develop awareness of the flow of Prana in and around us.

“Mudras manipulate prana in much the same way that energy in the form of light or sound waves is diverted by a mirror or a cliff face. The nadis and chakras constantly radiate prana which normally escapes from the body and dissipates into the external world. By creating barriers within the body through the practice of mudra the energy is redirected within.”                                  (Prana Pranayama Prana Vidya)

In the afternoon we will discuss how Hasta mudras work and how they influence the brain.

Some of the Hasta Mudras are very useful & practical therapeutic tools which can be used on their own at times of need, to help with emotional balancing, headaches, concentration and at times when we need to look after ourselves. Hannah will guide us through a few of these.

We will look at ways in which mudras can be used to develop our awareness of the Tattwas (Elements) and the Chakras (energy centres). This will include exploring (and experiencing!) which mudras are best for use in meditation.

There will also be time for a full Yoga Nidra with an extended visualisation to develop creativity.


The Teacher

Hannah Penn is a very experienced Yoga teacher; she has been teaching for over 20 years and is a director of Sheffield Yoga School.

She taught a wonderful day on Mudras in our last programme and there was so much to cover that she decided we needed another day to go through it all!


Venue & details

The workshop is held in Grenoside Community Hall, S35 8PR

The day begins at 10.00am, finishing at 4.00pm.

We have a shared vegetarian buffet for lunch and we ask everyone to bring something along to share for the buffet. If you prefer to bring your own food that is fine as well.

Teas & drinks are provided.

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