Breath – Bandha – Asana

with Debbie Farrar
Saturday 9th October 2021, 10.00 – 4.00pm
Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield S35

In this workshop we will explore the core and peripheral bandhas inside out, and outside in.

Through intimate self enquiry, we can deepen and refine our awareness of the bandhas in simple asanas and movements to reveal the subtleties of their presence. Perhaps then it is possible to reframe the bandhas as harnesses rather than locks, so that we can begin creating the conditions that allow the bandhas to organically arise, rather than imposing them upon less than optimal conditions?

The day will start with and finishing with the breath, relaxation & meditation. We will not be using classical pranayama, but there will be lots of breathing involved. The bandhas will be the classical core ones and also the peripheral bandhas which can be found in the hands and feet.

The day will include an approach to both breathing and asana that will reveal the presence of the bandhas without us having to apply them separately.

The aim is to integrate asana, breathing, relaxation & meditation so that the boundaries between them might not always be apparent.


The Teacher :

Debbie Farrar was introduced to asana, pranayam, mantra and meditation by her mother in the 1970s, she has enjoyed a daily practice for around 40 years.

Inspired by nature, her mother and Godfrey Devereux she began teaching yoga in 1999 and completed her Teacher Training with Satya Premananda in 2004.

Extended stays in Aurobindo ashrams and various ashrams in Delhi, Rishikesh & Vrindavan, gave her the opportunity for silent meditation and study. Here Debbie started work on her interpretation of the Yoga Sutras, an ongoing and ever changing project that forms the basis of her yoga teacher trainings that began in 2012 in Lancashire under the name Feel Now Yoga.

Debbie is BWY County Representative for Greater Manchester, teaches Anatomy & Professional Studies on the teacher training faculty of the Mandala Yoga Ashram in Wales, and helps organise the Independent Yoga Network’s Conferences.


Carona Aware!

The venue we use for our Yoga day workshops is huge! We will limit the numbers according to whatever social distancing advice is in place at the time of this workshop.

There is a likelihood that numbers will need to be restricted, so early booking for this workshop is recommended. 

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