Attending and Responding

2 day course with Peter Blackaby

9th & 10th March 2019     £95.00

Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield


When we practice yoga we are paying attention to ourselves on many levels. We may be noticing levels of comfort and discomfort, we may be noticing our sense of grounding, or the ease / difficulty with which we move.

This is the first part of the process, once we have noticed the question becomes ‘what shall I do about what I have noticed?’

This weekend will explore this theme through the practice of asana.


The tutor : Peter Blackaby


Peter Blackaby is a very interesting and thought provoking teacher. This 2 day course will give us time to explore his ideas in depth.

Peter takes a humanistic approach to yoga, firmly rooted in the here and now and underpinned by scientific research.
In his most recent work he seeks to distance himself further from the biomechanical view of the body, revealing instead his more integrative perspective, focused on the neurological basis for movement and on the relationships between things.

Rather than approaching yoga as an exercise system, he sees it as a tool for self-exploration. By paying attention to our bodily responses, we are more able to react appropriately and are less likely to meet discomfort and pain in life. As we become better at this, life slowly takes an easier turn. We learn to act usefully, and sooner rather than later. We age more gracefully, and we adapt to change with less rancour.


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from Yoga Days Info, posted July 2018


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