Yoga for Balance : 75 minute class

Over the next few (uncertain!) months Sheffield Yoga is providing Yoga Online!

Yoga for Balance is a 75 minute Yoga class with Hannah.  It includes an accompanying hand out which you can print out at home.

For those of you with children at home, you can easily modify this class and do it with them. We will be providing relaxation practices and classes for children over the coming weeks.

Yoga for Balance

Click here to download the audio recording for this 75 minute class

NOTE : You can access these recordings very easily. You DO NOT need to set up a Dropbox account. Click on the link and then press play. It will work on your phone, ipad, laptop and pc.  

Aspects of Balance

Standing on one leg is just one aspect of balance.
Yoga is a science to help bring all aspects of our being into balance.

Life is full of ups and downs. Our yoga practice is not to avoid these ups and downs but to continually come back to balance, and to know that even within the ups and downs there is peace and Oneness at the heart of our being.

Click here to download the handout for this class

This session starts with the practice of Yoni Mudra. Hasta (hand) mudras can be used anytime almost as a ‘rescue remedy’ when we need a quick rebalance.

For the Asana part of this session make sure you stay with what feels comfortable for you. You should always leave out or modify anything that is not suitable.



The breathing / concentration practice in this programme is a version of alternate nostril breathing called Anuloma Viloma and Prana Shuddhi.

In Anuloma Viloma we visualise breathing in through one nostril and out through the other.

In Prana shuddhi we feel the breath (and prana / vital energy) flowing in a triangular shape up both nostrils meeting at the eyebrow centre and down both nostrils.

These techniques help balance the Central Nervous system, creating a balance of calm and vitality (described in the language of Yoga as a balance of Ida and Pingala).




Yoga Online is a subscription service from Sheffield Yoga School.
If you pay monthly for classes with us you will receive Yoga Online automatically.

If you do not pay monthly you will need to contact us to be subscribed to Yoga Online. There are various payment options, including a free subscription for anyone whose income has collapsed due to the Corona Virus outbreak.

from Class Information, posted March 2020


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