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Antar Mouna : Inner Silence

This 5 week course is a progressive exploration of the meditation practice Antar Mouna (literally Inner Silence).

The focus of Antar Mouna is the mind itself. In the early stages we concentrate on sense experiences, the sense of touch and hearing in particular, but gradually we begin to pay more attention to the activity of the mind.

In some ways Antar Mouna is the original mindfulness practice.

Antar Mouna is an important technique in meditation because it creates an environment in which the mind gradually settles and quietens. It is useful as a ‘tool for living’ because it helps us to better understand the workings of our own mind, our habits of thought, our moods etc.

The better we understand ourselves the more we can be at peace with ourselves.

The sessions include posture work, breathing and relaxation but the focus is meditation.



Dates, Time & Cost

The course starts on Thursday 4th June and runs for 5 weeks. The final session is 2nd July.

Sessions are 8.00 – 9.00am.

The fee for the course is £25.00.

Once you have booked a place you will receive a link to join the course online. The online platform works particularly well for meditation. There is no need to be looking at the screen, you just need to hear the voice to guide you.

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The Teacher : Chris Noon

Chris has been teaching Yoga and meditation for 20 years. He qualified initially with the British Wheel of Yoga and then qualified to teach in the Bihar School of Yoga tradition. The Bihar School of Yoga is primarily known for the quality of the meditation practices it provides.

In 2012 Chris studied Inner Silence for two weeks in Sweden with Swami JanakanandaSwami Janakananda is an exceptional teacher, one of the leading figures in the development of Yoga in Europe for the last 50 years. Studying this course gave Chris a good understanding of the practice itself and also a real insight into the best ways to teach it.


from Class Information, posted May 2020


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