MUDRAS – Silent Hands, Silent Mind

with Madhuri


Mudra practice is a celebration of the subtle side of yoga.

Mudras are seemingly simple gestures made with the hands or the whole body which convey messages regarding the depth and beauty that exists within us.
Mudra’s can be objects of contemplation, hubs of transformative energy and most importantly entry points to the Present Moment.

When the body is seen as the container of the emotional tensions of the separate self, bringing stillness to the body becomes not just the art of relaxation, but also the gateway to liberate ourselves from the restrictions of the mind.

When the hands are held in defined shapes and in the loving warmth of awareness they become entry points into peace and insight.


About the Course

Sessions will include exploring how asana can be enhanced through the use of mudra, the harmonising effect of mudra to deepen pranayama practice, and how mudra can lead to meditation and self-enquiry.

Madhuri will also share beautiful mudra sequences; graceful moving meditations which lead to stillness.

Learning about Mudra is like learning the language of the Heart.  These sequences are a great support for meditative practice, promoting profound shifts in awareness but they can also act as a great introduction to meditation being useful to those who find simply sitting difficult.

Madhuri will convey the depth and beauty of Mudra practice, mainly focusing on hand mudra’s.


The tutor : Madhuri

Madhuri have been involved with yoga for over 20 years, starting in her early teens, the practice helped her to overcome a debilitating illness and lead to a passionate interest for the healing art of Yoga.

She deepened her understanding of Yoga through six years of Ashram living and extended periods in silent retreat.

Madhuri has a remarkable ability to lead others into meditative silence and she also encourages playfulness and exploration towards practice, empowering students to find their own answers.

Her inquisitive mind and dedicated practice enable her to convey the depth of yoga in wonderfully useful and inspiring ways. She feels that yoga is an inner adventure and teaches on many aspects of yoga including a meditative approach to asana, meditation, mudra and bandha, pain management, kirtan and self-enquiry.

Her poetry reveals the insightfulness and joy of her practice.

Since 2016 Madhuri has a new name, Sarva Dana.


Still hands reveal a heart that needs nothing

For a moment I drop seeking and stop running
Mind and hands no longer grasping

Fingers become utterly still and softly curled like lotus petals

These quiet hands signify trust in Being
In this present moment

No need for hands to point, hold, push or tighten

Gestures which expose the tendencies of an entangled mind

Unmoving hands indicate the great I Am

Which no action can take me towards

So I watch my hands become silent like two warm sleeping birds
Still hands celebrate Consciousness
Silent hands, Silent mind.


from Yoga Days Info, posted June 2017


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