Yoga & Meditation – 6 week course

Antar Mouna / Inner Silence

with Chris Noon



Theme : Antar Mouna / Inner Silence

Antar Mouna is a is a very ancient meditation practice; it literally means ‘inner silence’.

In this practice the focus of meditation is the mind itself, so this is a particularly useful technique if you find it difficult to maintain concentration when you sit down for meditation. It could be said that Antar Mouna is the basis of the mindfulness techniques which are widely used nowadays.

As well as being a practical and effective meditation technique, Antar Mouna gives us an insight into the way our minds work; it highlights the habits of thought and conditioning which we all have. It gives us a bit of distance between ourselves and our thoughts so that we can learn to act instead of reacting and to free ourselves from the ups and downs of mood & mind.

Who is the course for?

This course is open to experienced Yogis as well as complete beginners. We will go through various stages of Antar Mouna and there will be guidance for home practice.


What do the classes involve?

Each class will include Yoga posture work to stretch and strengthen the body, to release tension and to prepare for the meditation practice. It will include some breathing and short relaxation practices. We will progress through stages of Antar Mouna over the six week course.


The Teacher : Chris Noon

Chris is an experienced Yoga & Meditation teacher. He is qualified to teach through the Bristish Wheel of Yoga and also through Satyananda Yoga UK.
He has been a full time Yoga teacher for many years and is a director of Sheffield Yoga School.


How to Book a place

You can book a place by emailing Chris, or by calling (0114) 2338340.

We ask for payment in advance to confirm your place and you can pay by cheque, by bank transfer or online through our website. Payment details are available on request.

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from Class Information, posted January 2018


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