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Yoga & Walking

There have long been links between Yoga and walking.

Mindful walking is an important practice in Yoga and many other systems. In mindful walking the aim is to be ‘present’ every step of the way, aware of how the body moves, how the breathing is, how we feel. It includes paying attention to the environment we’re in, noticing the sounds, the colours, the landscape as if for the first time.

Mindful walking is such a simple technique and very rewarding.

People come to Yoga for many reasons, but often the main reason is because it helps maintain and improve our health and well being.

Regular walking in beautiful countryside has a similar effect :

  • proven benefits for the heart and lungs
  • maintaining strength, range of movement and balance in the body
  • an increased sense of well being

Walking can be a very useful tool in our Yoga practice … so we decided to create SYS Walking Group!


Newcastle Branch


The Newcastle branch of SYS Walking Group meet on Tuesdays for walks in Northumberland and surrounding regions.


NOTE : Due to the current situation with Covid 19 we are not able to accept any new members into this group. 



Every walk is carefully planned. We are usually out for the whole day … and in all weathers!

The regional administrator for the Newcastle branch is Dave Stapylton. If you want to contact Dave please email us.


Terms & Conditions

  • By taking part in one of our walks you accept responsibility for your own health and safety. Please ensure that you are fit and well enough to take part.
  • These walks are designed to be inclusive for all participants but we advise you not to take part without first seeking medical advice if you have any concerns for your mental or physical health.
  • Sheffield Yoga School accepts no liability for any injury caused by the failure to follow instructions from the walk leader or due to non-disclosure of medical conditions, injury or physical impairment.
  • Fees for our walks are kept to a minimum, but if for any reason we are forced to cancel a walk a full refund will be made for any fees paid in advance.

Please note, we have a strict policy in place to ensure adherence to the current government and  regional guidelines with regard to Covid 19. It is essential that all our members follow these guidelines to the letter.

A risk assessment (based on recommendations from the Ramblers Association) is made before every walk and a copy of this risk assessment is avaialble on request.

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