Spacious Compassion

with Swami Satya Daya (Nick Edge)
Saturday 10th October, 10.00 – 4.00pm
Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield
S35 £40.00


We all wish to feel balanced and centred in our lives. Often though we find that we can use our practice as way to avoid the difficult aspects of our lives, or that we become so caught up in our dramas, both internal and external, that we can’t find any peace or stillness.

Yoga teaches us to live life fully and at the same time to be in touch with the fundamentally spacious nature of all experience and of our own being.

Our day together will focus on a range of practices; some that cultivate a deeply intimate & compassionate relationship to our experience and others that allow us to access the spaciousness that underlies all experience.

By working with these practices we open to the possibility of living fully engaged with the world and at the same time holding our experience more lightly, allowing us to flow with the inevitable currents of life.

Our day will include asana, meditation, mantra and yoga nidra (including the sound of the gong).


The Teacher

Swami Satya Daya (Nick Edge) is a born seeker who brings a very meditative and reflective style to his practice and teaching. As a gyana yogi, his main path is gyana yoga (the path of reflection and insight).

He teaches in a clear and engaging way, which is liberally sprinkled with humour!

As his path has unfolded he has become more and more convinced that yoga and meditation, as a science of self-realization, need to be presented in the most accessible way possible for the modern age. This allows the incredible possibilities offered by these profound and inspiring practices to be fully available to all that seek for deeper understanding, regardless of their age, gender, background or tradition.

Carona Aware!

The venue we use for our Yoga day workshops is huge! We will limit the numbers according to whatever social distancing advice is in place at the time of this workshop.

There is a likelihood that numbers will need to be restricted, so early booking for this workshop is recommended. 

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