The Subtle Path between the Inner Sun and Moon

Swami Krishnapremananda

Saturday 13th April, 10.00 – 4.00pm

Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield, S35 8PR

Out beyond ideas of wrong and right there is a field. I’ll meet you there.

We live in a world of duality – sun/moon, day/ night, happy/ sad and so on and so forth. The root of this duality is in the deepest recesses of the mind, and from there it makes the mind dance here and there according to our personal preferences, opinions, beliefs and so on.

The mind easily becomes like a rollercoaster reacting to all the ups and downs of daily life. Whilst we have to accept that embodied life is based on this duality, yoga and meditation offers us the possibility of touching a deeper field of awareness that is untouched by such duality.

During this day seminar we will be exploring simple, accessible practices that you can continue at home. They will include asana, pranayama, yoga nidra, meditation and mantra that help to refine the nature of our experience and point towards this deeper field of awareness. To use a common example, it is like the clear blue sky which is untouched by the myriad different clouds passing through it.

The practices will include a focus on the subtle pathways of ida and pingala, or inner moon and sun, that crisscross the central pathway of sushumna – the mystical middle path alluded to in Rumi’s quote above.
The seminar will also illuminate certain attitudes of mind that we can cultivate that can also nurture the same quality of awareness in daily life.

This workshop is open to all levels of experience, all that is required is an enquiring mind and openness of heart.


Swami Krishnapremananda

Swami Krishnapremananda is a highly respected Yogi and Yoga teacher. He has been a resident of Mandala Yoga Ashram since 1997, studying, serving and practicing in that uniquely focused yoga environment.

During his years in the ashram, his understanding, practice and teaching have gradually matured, as he has endeavoured to live the understanding of yoga in daily life.

In 2007 he completed a year-long Vedanta training course with Swami Anubhavananda in India. He regularly teaches both in the ashram and in various parts of the country, and he also helps direct the Ashram’s Yoga Teacher Training Courses.

from Yoga Days Info, posted February 2019


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