Sheffield Yoga Day : 14th March : Peter Blackaby

This workshop will look at the idea of taking yoga forward, with a western perspective on working with the body, mind & breath. This will be set in the context of the psychology and philosophy of being human.

We meet the world through the body, sense in ourselves our response to the environment, and then act on what we sense. Action requires movement, and movement needs to make sense to our bodies; it is not an anatomical event it is a neurological one. So it is helpful to pay attention to the neurology of movement not the structure of it.

This means a shift in practice towards functionality and away from a structural perspective. The only way in which structure is important is to make sure there is enough freedom in the body to move through a normal range of movement.


Peter began practicing Yoga in 1978 as a student of the Iyengar system; he qualified as a teacher in 1986. He continued in this system for a further four years. From 1987 – 1993 he studied Osteopathy at Regents College London, qualifying in 1994.

In 2002 he became involved with the British Wheel of Yoga and ran a two year teacher training programme for them.

Although Peter no longer trains teachers he has been running courses for teachers since 2004. His interest in the last 15 years has been to put some scientific underpinning to the practice of Yoga, both in the biomechanical sense and in the mind / body relationship.


  • Days are 10am – 4pm.
  • Cost £30.00. Cheques are payable to ‘Sheffield Yoga School’.
  • For lunch, please bring a vegetarian dish to share.
  • Venue : Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield, S35 8PR

from Yoga Days Info, posted February 2015


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