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Yoga & Meditation – 6 week course

Antar Mouna / Inner Silence

with Chris Noon



Theme : Antar Mouna / Inner Silence

Antar Mouna is a is a very ancient meditation practice; it literally means ‘inner silence’.

In this practice the focus of meditation is the mind itself, so this is a particularly useful technique if you find it difficult to maintain concentration when you sit down for meditation. It could be said that Antar Mouna is the basis of the mindfulness techniques which are widely used nowadays.

As well as being a practical and effective meditation technique, Antar Mouna gives us an insight into the way our minds work; it highlights the habits of thought and conditioning which we all have. It gives us a bit of distance between ourselves and our thoughts so that we can learn to act instead of reacting and to free ourselves from the ups and downs of mood & mind.

Who is the course for?

This course is open to experienced Yogis as well as complete beginners. We will go through various stages of Antar Mouna and there will be guidance for home practice.


What do the classes involve?

Each class will include Yoga posture work to stretch and strengthen the body, to release tension and to prepare for the meditation practice. It will include some breathing and short relaxation practices. We will progress through stages of Antar Mouna over the six week course.


The Teacher : Chris Noon

Chris is an experienced Yoga & Meditation teacher. He is qualified to teach through the Bristish Wheel of Yoga and also through Satyananda Yoga UK.
He has been a full time Yoga teacher for many years and is a director of Sheffield Yoga School.


How to Book a place

You can book a place by emailing Chris, or by calling (0114) 2338340.

We ask for payment in advance to confirm your place and you can pay by cheque, by bank transfer or online through our website. Payment details are available on request.

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Shiva Shakti – The Path to Peace

with Helena Turner

20th January 10.00 – 4.00pm

Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield S35 8PR


Our natural state is one of calm and balance but for many of us that is not so easy to come by. Making changes to our lives and to ourselves takes a lot of work, time, practice, failed attempts, redirects, and, hopefully, eventual victories.

Yoga helps us to break down old ways of thinking & doing which don’t serve us very well, and this paves the way for the more productive stuff. This two-part process is beautifully represented in the ancient concepts of Shiva and Shakti. They embody the ideas of psychological change and growth in our practice.

SHIVA symbolises consciousness, the masculine principle.

SHAKTI symbolises the feminine principle, the activating power and energy.

Shiva & Shakti are bound together as two essential aspects of the One. Only when Shiva and Shakti (Consciousness & Energy) combine, can action, movement and creation arise.

The destructive energy of Shiva breaks down the old to create space for the new. The creative energy of Shakti helps purify aspects of ourselves leading to healthier body, balanced emotions and mental clarity. They are said to dance together for eternity and their dance creates the physical universe and then destroys it.Bringing these concepts into our practice helps break down old ways & habits and bring in new ones.

The focus of this day will explore these energies within us, through a variety of yoga practices drawn from the tantric tradition.

The day invites us to be present in all aspects of life, to flow with the sacred pulse of nature’s power (Shakti) and to expand our awareness of our union with Consciousness (Shiva).

It is all about every-day living and how we bring wonder and passion into our lives as an expression of an unfolding awareness of our own power and a sense of delight in the here-and-now. The practices will focus on their energetic & symbolic qualities, inspiring us to bring forth the positive changes we want to create for the year ahead as well as adding depth and meaning to our practice, together we can explore this vast wealth and history of yoga we practice.


The teacher : Helena Turner

Helena originally trained with Yoga Alliance and then completed a Satyananda Yoga Teacher Training course. She teaches yoga full time and also gives Thai Yoga Massage.

In her spare time Helena paints beautiful Mandalas and Yantras. She loves chanting & Kirtan, to connect and open up the heart space.

“Yoga has so much to offer and has been a great support for me over the years, helping me through the ups and downs of life, giving new depth and meaning to my life. I have discovered I can do much more than I ever thought I was capable of. I believe yoga is a vehicle for transformation, self- discovery and self- improvement, opening us up to our full potential…..and I believe that Yoga offers something for everybody…..That’s why I teach”. (Helena Turner)

  • Days are 10am – 4pm. Cost £35.00.
  • For lunch, please bring a vegetarian dish to share.
  • Venue : Grenoside Community Hall, Sheffield, S35 8PR


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Introduction to AcroYoga

11th February, 10.00 – 1.00pm

Sheffield Yoga School, S6 3TA



Introduction to Acroyoga


This 3 hour workshop will take you through the fundamentals of acroyoga, including ‘flying’, ‘basing’ and ‘spotting’.
No experience is necessary.

One aim of the workshop is to get people moving in unusual and interesting ways, providing both a mental and physical challenge.

Acroyoga combines acrobatics with elements of yoga. It is a sociable and fun way of building strength, flexibility and confidence.

One of the main aims of Acroyoga is to bring people together, forming real human connections and helping the individual to cultivate trust, self awareness and open communication.

In this workshop we move through a series of postures and flows which progress as we go.  You will learn how to safely base, fly and spot for simple acroyoga moves such as front bird, back bird, siting, throne, and stag.


About the Teachers


Base Acroyoga is a Yoga and Acrobatic Partnership formed by Jake and Gemma.

Gemma is a fully qualified Yoga teacher and kids yoga teacher and found her way into acroyoga as an addition to her regular yoga practice. Gemma has a passion for using acroyoga to inspire confidence and encourage people to get active whilst having fun and forming honest human connections.

In addition to teaching acroyoga Jake is a fully qualified osteopath. His knowledge of how the body works makes Jake an exceptional teacher. He encourages individuals to challenge themselves mentally and physically, whilst working with their natural physique.

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Kirtan with Arjun Baba

Saturday 20th January   7.00 – 9.30pm

Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA

Donations (minimum £5)


We are very pleased to be hosting an evening of Indian music & Kirtan with Arjun Baba (vocal & harmonium)  and John Ball (tabla).

This very special evening is paid by donation. The minimum donation is £5.00.

All income goes directly to the musicians and we ask you to give generously to support them.

Click here to listen to Arjun Baba.


Arjun Baba’s intention is to share the traditions of Kirtan/Bhajan, & Sufi Ghazal/Qawwali devotional music to the west & worldwide.  By sharing the chant, as well as the raag, melodies,  & beautiful profound history of Hindustani music, he is considered a unique and leading kirtan singer in the western world for over 19 years.

With annual tours through UK, Europe, India, & the US his passion is to express the beauty of this music and practice. Born in New York City, living many years between India and California, he currently resides in Rishikesh, India, and returns to the west annually to share this path of music and devotion.

Since 1998 he has recorded 7 volumes of bhajan and kirtan, 6 of sufi qawwali music, as well as 6 volumes with his collective “Arjun & Guardians”, where songwriting and eclectic styles are explored. He is also a member of Fanna Fi Allah Sufi Qawwali Party (where he has studied in the lineage of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan), and The Dub Kirtan All Stars (featuring producers Freq Nasty and David Starfire); as well as collaborating with DJ Drez, MC Yogi, and The Kirtaniyas.


Arjun is the real deal.” – Carlos Menjivar ,  Managing Director ; Jivamukti NYC and Worldwide

Very few practitioners of the Kirtan practice can match Arjun’s level of authenticity. He is truly one of the finest I have ever heard.” -Shiva Baum- Executive Producer of Krishna Das’ Breath Of The Heart and Producer of Bhagavan Das’ Now/former head of A&R, Triloka Records

Arjun delivers an uplifting kirtan filled with authentic Indian musical sensibilities, and the harmonious sweetness of a long time Spiritual Devotee of Bhakti Yoga“. -Sridhar Silberfein- Founder & Producer –  BhaktiFest

The most inspired kirtan I’ve heard since Bhagavan Das” – Yoga Arts, Chicago

Arjun’s music comes from a deep place, it reveals so much and connect the listener to so much more” – Matthew Lombardo, Jivamukti Yoga



John Ball

John Ball is a dedicated and experienced performer and teacher of North Indian music specialising in tabla and the one hundred string santoor. He is currently Musician in Residence at the University of Sheffield.

He has studied tabla with some of the great maestros of Indian Classical Music ​including Pandit Yogesh Samsi and Ustad Faiyaz Khan of Delhi ​and is a ​regular ​member of several innovative performing projects including Rafiki Jazz​, Sarathy Korwar Band​ and Ruhaani where he incorporates traditional Indian music elements into cross-cultural music contexts.


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Yoga for Pregnancy – First class £5.00


Yoga for Pregnancy enriches your experience of pregnancy.

The benefits are felt not just by you and your baby, but by your nearest and dearest as well.


Yoga for Pregnancy helps you and your baby through the changes and demands of pregnancy, labour and birth.


  • Yoga is safe, effective exercise which keeps the body healthy and strong, preparing for labour and for your new life after the birth.
  • Yoga Postures help manage the physical discomfort often associated with pregnancy.
  • Yoga Breathing techniques maintain energy levels and are extremely helpful during labour.
  • Relaxation helps you deal with any stress and tiredness you may experience during pregnancy or during the early months of motherhood.


Classes are held on Tuesday evenings in our beautiful Yoga Centre on South Road, S6 3TA

For more information or to book a place contact Hannah.

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Yoga & Herbs – EARTH

Sunday 4th February,   10.00 – 4.00pm      £40.00

with Helena Turner and Sarah Golding

Venue : Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA


The earth element is our foundation and support in all that we do. As we settle into another year we can look to the Earth element for renewed energy and focus to take us forward into spring.

Rejuvenation depends on being grounded and linked to the healing forces of the earth, its rocks, minerals, woods, flowers, herbs and foods.

This workshop aims to restore and infuse our personal connection to the earth. We will look at how Yoga asana was traditionally a way of making sacred our connection to the earth and linking us to the ground as our foundation. Our asana practice will emphasize this earth connection and strengthen it with mantras.

We will also focus on the energies and symbolism of the elephant deity Ganesha (said to reside at Muladhara the root chakra), using this to find the strength and grounding we need to adapt to the obstacles of life.

The day will include pranayama, mudras, meditation and some simple Thai Yoga Massage techniques to reawaken our boundless energy and help invoke foundations for positive living.


In Spring the plants and trees are beginning to wake up and so we will be looking at which medicinal plants are useful to us at this time of year, seeking to help balance the earth element in our bodies through the change from winter to spring.

This will mean different things to different people and our different constitutions; we will look into ayurvedic and traditional western herbal traditions as a way of exploring and understanding this.

A gorgeous herbal tea tasting ceremony will take place as in previous sessions.


The teachers : Helena Turner & Sarah Golding

Helena is a highly trained & experienced Yoga teacher and Sarah is an equally highly trained & experienced medical herbalist!

The combination of Yoga practice with the proper use of herbs is designed to provide a very foundation for optimum health and well being.


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