Yoga gifts for Christmas!


We have a range of products in our shop which would make excellent gifts for Christmas.

If you want something different for the man or woman who has everything you could try a neti pot!

Our neti pots are made by the Scandinavian Yoga & Meditation School and are probably the best neti pots in the world – certainly they are the best ones we have found.

We have CDs for relaxation and meditation. These are equally suitable for people with little or no experience of Yoga as for seasoned Yogis.

For anyone with an interest in meditation we have a beautiful range of malas. These are handmade in Sheffield by Hannah Penn, one of our teachers. There is a choice of Sandalwood, Rudrakshas and Quartz Crystal beads.

We stock a wide range of Yoga books from the Bihar School of Yoga – these books are widely recognised as some of the most useful and authoritative Yoga texts in print today.

And if you fancy an alternative Christmas card have a look at our range of greetings cards, all designed by Hannah and  printed in Sheffield.

Christmas is a hugely commercialized event nowadays. There may not be much we can do about that, but at least we can use it to support local artists and businesses … like us!!

from General, posted November 2015

Neti – a must for Hay fever sufferers!

Jala Neti is one of the Hatha Yoga cleansing practices and is extremely effective in relieving the symptoms of hay fever and other nasal allergies.

There is mounting scientific evidence to show the safety and efficacy of Neti. Specialists within the NHS are now beginning to recommend Neti for a range of nasal & sinus problems.

Click here for an article on scientific research into Jala Neti.

At Sheffield Yoga School we are proud to sell ‘Nose Buddys‘ – the best neti pots in the world.

We do not make this claim lightly … and if you don’t believe us then try them for yourself!

from General, posted June 2015

Next Kirtan : 9th May

Kirtan is singing uplifting and devotional chants and songs. These are often sung as ‘call and response’, usually accompanied by a harmonium and percussion.

There is no religious aspect to kirtan and you don’t need to have to have any particular spiritual beliefs to enjoy and benefit from it.

Kirtan is a lovely part of Yoga. It opens us up and can be very liberating.


Our next Kirtan is Saturday, 9th May.

We begin at 6.30pm with the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra and then Kirtan is 7.00 – 8.00pm.


These sessions are free and everyone is welcome, children as well. There is no need for any previous Yoga or Kirtan experience to join in.

We always start with chanting Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra. This is an ancient mantra chanted for the relief of suffering.

While you chant you can hold in your heart anyone who may need extra support or healing, or you can chant with awareness of the suffering of people throughout the world.


from Class Information, General, posted April 2015

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