Feminine Awakening


About the Workshop:

Goddesses… it’s time to liberate your inner shakti – your inner power.
Learn simple and powerful techniques to reconnect joyfully with your naturally arising feminine wisdom.
Tune into the power of your cyclical wisdom through ‘Mizan Therapy’ and ‘Womb Yoga’
An empowering workshop to help you find balance and vitality in everyday living.


What will be included in the workshop?

  • Introduction to womb Yoga – connecting with our womb space – women’s circle
  • Chanting, meditation and breathing techniques (pranayama) to support female vitality
  • Womb Yoga physical postures (asanas)
  • Cyclical wisdom, menstrual charting and self-care
  • Mizan Therapy – guided self-massage
  • Guided meditation and relaxation
  • Women’s circle/ sharing opportunities (optional)
  • An Invite to bring along and stay to share some healthy vegan snacks


What will I take away from this workshop?

You will be taught the art of Mizan self-massage, connecting with your womb space through meditation and pranayama breathing, and a series of easy to remember Yoga asanas. You will be given a course booklet to take away with you including step-by-step instructions for the self-massage, womb yoga practices, and a template for menstrual charting to take you into the coming months.

Depending on your individual needs, you may also like to take away with you yoni steams, castor oil packs and fajas (womb binding).
You will leave this workshop feeling balanced, energized and empowered.


About Mizan Therapy

Mizan is an Arabic word that means ‘balance’. Mizan Therapy uses traditional reproductive healing techniques to restore balance when life feels unbalanced – physically, emotionally or spiritually. It is a gentle, non-invasive external massage that brings healing to the womb-space and optimum health and well-being to women at all life stages.
Mizan benefits our physical health, restoring circulation and lymphatic drainage by relieving congestion and blockages. It can ease muscles and fascia tightened by tension and emotion. The techniques are commonly used in India and further east for optimising women’s health.

About Womb Yoga

Womb Yoga is an evolving therapeutic approach to yoga specially developed to support women’s health and healing. Womb Yoga is an experience of re-connection, teaching us to be truly present in our body and to honour, respect and be responsive to our ever changing physiological and emotional needs. It teaches us to honour our cyclical wisdom and to reconnect joyfully with our femininity. The asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing), chanting, meditation and deep relaxation are all designed to support women at all stages of our lunar and life cycles.

“No outer teacher can come close to the deep sense of wisdom and understanding that flows through a woman who is absolutely and profoundly connected with her own intuitive understanding”
(Uma-Dinsmore Tuli)


Who is this workshop for?

All women, whether menstruating or not. In other traditions this kind of women’s work is absolutely the norm but sadly, in our westernised culture we have simply lost our connection with ourselves and forgotten the truth of who we really are.

The workshop may especially be of interest to women who:

  • Have menstrual problems (i.e. heavy or painful periods, clotting, very light periods)
  • Are on their journey to conceive/ have fertility challenges
  • Are in post-natal recovery
  • Are in the ‘wise woman’ years of menopause or peri-menopause
  • Have more specific issues of the reproductive system such as PCOS/ endometriosis, ovarian cysts, fibroids etc.
  • Have problems of the urinary and digestive systems
  • Have low energy, poor sex drive, cyclical headaches and migraines
  • Anyone who would like to feel more vitality through a healthier connection with their womb space and inner wisdom.

(Unfortunately the workshop is Unsuitable for: pregnancy and if there is any infection of the pelvic region)


Is there anything I need to bring?

A cushion/ blanket and some warm socks. Come in comfortable clothing. We will be in deep relaxation so it’s important that you are warm.
Other than that, just bring yourselves, an open mind and an open heart.

Do I need to have any experience of Yoga or womb work or before?

Absolutely not! The physical Yoga is gentle and suitable for anyone (even with no Yoga experience)
Whether you’re already some way into your inward ‘womb’ journey or this is the first time you’ve ever thought about it, there’s opportunity for new learning, sharing, experiencing and reconnecting with your own true self.


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