Covid 19 : Safety Measures for Yoga classes

The following measures are in place for all group classes at Sheffield Yoga School. These measures are under constant review and may change at short notice according to government guidelines.

  1. Numbers are limited in all classes to ensure 2 metres social distancing.
  2. There will be longer gaps between classes to ensure there is no passing between people entering and leaving the building.
  3. 70% proof alcohol hand sanitiser will be available at all our classes. You might wish to bring your own hand sanitiser. Soap is provided in the toilet areas for hand washing. Please wash and / or sanitise your hands before and after classes.
  4. Anti-bacterial wipes will be available at all classes (see below) but you may also wish to bring your own wipes.
  5. Used wipes will either be collected for disposal by SYS at the end of each class, or you can take home any wipes that you have used for disposal at home.
  6. Masks are not conducive to Yoga practice and it is better not to use them in class. You may wish to wear a mask when you enter our Yoga Centre. Wearing a mask when you enter some of our venues (including Ebenezer hall and Wesley Hall) is compulsory.
  7. Where possible, windows will be open during classes. All the venues we use have high ceilings and there is good air circulation.
  8. Doors will be propped open as you enter and leave the building so there is less need to touch door handles.
  9. SYS will ensure the cleaning of door handles, toilet handles, taps etc before and after classes.


We ask everyone attending our group classes to follow these guidelines :

  1. Please do not attend classes if you or any members of your household have Covid 19 symptoms, or if you have any general cold / flu symptoms.
  2. Take turns to use any confined spaces such as corridors and toilet area. Briefly passing another person in a confined space is low risk but please be respectful of other people’s concerns about social distancing.
  3. Avoid stopping to chat to people as you enter / leave the building.
  4. Bring your own mat, blanket and cushions to class. If you wish to use blocks, chairs or any other Sheffield Yoga School (SYS) equipment, you should wipe it with an anti-bacterial wipe before and after use.
  5. We are required to display a Track & Trace QR code at our classes. If you have downloaded the NHS Track & Trace app you can scan the code on arrival. We will also keep a record of people attending all classes for at least 3 weeks.
  6. If you develop Covid 19 symptoms within 7 days of attending a class let us know.


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