Beginners Welcome

Places available to start in September


Sheffield Yoga School will have places available to join our beginner Yoga classes in September.

Our beginner classes offer a structured training in a wide range of Yoga practices including posture work, breathing practices, relaxation and meditation.

Our teachers are trained to the highest standards and have a wealth of experience between them.

We have a break in our classes over August and the new term begins Monday 3rd September.

If you would like to join one of our beginner classes please contact us.


Yoga is often seen as an exercise routine nowadays, but really it is much more than that. At its best, Yoga is a truly holistic system which benefits every aspect of our lives.

It is the combination of Yoga postures with breathing, relaxation and meditation which makes Yoga such an effective system for promoting health and well-being.

At Sheffield Yoga School we teach a comprehensive range of Yoga practices; there really is something for everyone!



from Class Information, posted July 2018


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