5 Week Meditation Course : Thursday evenings

Thursday evenings 8.00 – 9.00pm

Starts Thursday 23rd April

with Chris Noon

Sheffield Yoga School, South Road, S6 3TA



These sessions will include some Yoga posture work, breathing and relaxation practices but the focus is on Meditation.

Traditionally, everything we do in our Yoga practice is designed to create the optimum conditions for meditation. Yoga posture work helps release stress and tension from the body, as well as developing the strength and flexibility required to sit comfortably.

Relaxation and breathing techniques steady and quieten the mind, when the mind is settled meditation comes more easily.

The course will include a number of dharana (concentration) techniques which focus on the breathing; these are techniques which you can learn and use for yourself. Breathing is often used as a focus for meditation because it holds our attention so effectively.

When dharana / concentration is sustained we have meditation.

The benefits of meditation are well documented nowadays and we can read about them online – or we can do the practice and experience them for ourselves!

Beginners are welcome but if you are new to meditation please email me before the first session.


Book a Place

If you would like to book a place you can do so via our online booking system.
See ‘Events’, scroll down down to the Yoga & Meditation Course and book your place.

If you’d prefer to pay by cheque or by bank transfer please contact us for details.



  • 23rd April
  • 30th April
  • 7th May
  • 14th May
  • 21st May



The course will be held in our Yoga Centre on South Road in Walkley.

This is a beautiful room, perfect for Yoga & Meditation.


The teacher

Chris Noon has been teaching Yoga and meditation in Sheffield for 20 years.

He is a highly trained and experienced teacher and has been fortunate to work with some very special teachers over the years.

Chris a director of Sheffield Yoga School.

from Class Information, posted February 2020


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